Joey Delahunty, Executive Online Editor

Every fall, the Fine Arts Department holds the school’s annual variety competition Prospect’s Got Talent (PGT). In past years, the show filled the theater with guest judges from staff, audience voting and of course student talent.

However, this year, in the face of a global pandemic, Fine Arts Department Head Jeremy Morton knew that wasn’t going to happen. This year, Prospect’s Got Talent will take the form of a non-competitive virtual showcase, taking place in mid-to-late October.

“My vision this time is to treat PGT less [as] a ‘who from Prospect’s Got Talent’ but just a demonstration that Prospect’s Got Talent.” Morton said.

Like in past years, PGT will be an opportunity for members of the Prospect community to show off their talent, complete with transitions between acts from the Speech Team. This year, the invitation will also be extended to school staff. 

Morton hopes that due to the PGT’s unusual format, the show will include a much greater variety of talents.

“I’m hoping we get some really cool, outside of the box talents… just to showcase that we got something, we’re entertaining, we’re having a good time. That’s the goal of PGT this year, rather than ‘OK, who’s got the best talent?’” Morton said. “We know some of you sing, and that’s cool, but what if you have another talent we didn’t know about? Let’s see it.”

Morton suggested a short cooking video, or possibly a clip showing an impressive trick-shot.

The deadline to submit a video is Oct. 2, which can be done using this Google Form. Morton emphasized that this show is reliant on submissions from the Prospect community, so he urges “any and all groups” to submit acts.

“Maybe [students] can spend some time and just have a break, and do something creative, because that’s kind of what we need at times like this.” Morton said.