Jake Terpins

Hardworking, funny and supportive are three words that senior golfer Emma Preissing used to describe her teammates.

Prosepct Girls’ Golf won regionals for the first time since 2013 on Wednesday, Oct 8. They beat the runner up York by nine strokes. Preissing places first for solos, beating other senior prospect golfer Bri Arzbaecher by one stroke. 

A few things that happened at regionals that impressed Preissing. The first was that Arzbaecher shot even par from holes nine to 18, which is very impressive according to Preissing. Second, senior Bella Peshek has played the whole season in a boot and played a great round at regionals. According to Preissing, Peshek has continually stayed positive through the season and through her injury.

“I was really impressed with all the support the team had for each other. We all would wave and cheered each other on as we passed each other on different holes,” Preissing said. 

Mentality plays a big role in golf. After a bad performance, Preissing tries her best to keep it out of mind. She takes what she did wrong and works on it the next day. After that, she keeps it out of her mind and focuses on her next round.

Throughout COVID-19, Preissing feels that since there is nothing going on outside of remote learning, all of the golfers are a lot more dialed in and focused on golf which helped their mentality.

“This year I specifically spent a lot of time reading books and using golf apps to improve my mental side of the game. I think it’s helped my game an insane amount. I would say the mentality you have going into the round and during determines how you are going to play,” Preissing said.

Preissing also said that Head Coach Brad Rathe has helped her a lot with the mental game. She puts a lot of pressure on herself while golfing, but she says that whenever she does, Rathe always rolls up in a golf cart and makes her laugh to calm her nerves.

As the end of the season approaches, the girls’ golf team has their sectionals meet on Tuesday, Oct.13.

“I am looking forward to one last meet with an amazing team. We have all worked so hard practicing after school and on our own in the mornings. I am excited for us to play and show off that hard work,” Preissing said.