Elizabeth Keane

With issues dating back to 1961, Creative Writing Club sponsor Michael Andrews said that Roundtable is likely one of the oldest clubs at Prospect. Roundtable consists of a group of artists who create photography, short stories, poetry, drawings and more to add to their annual literary magazine. Click here to see the 2020 edition from last school year. 

Creative Writing club, which is led by Andrews and school psychologist Dr. Jay Kyp-Johnson, meets every Thursday from 3:30 to 4:30.

In addition to the literary magazine, Roundtable enjoys hosting “Open Mic” nights throughout the year. This year’s first virtual Open Mic will be on Dec. 10. Students can either choose to do a live performance or submit a pre-recorded video of themselves singing a song, playing an instrument, reading a poem or doing any other art form they would like to share. 

“[Roundtable Open Mic is] not just [about] the people who participate; plenty of people come to watch and just enjoy the event,” Andrews said.

In order to sign up for the first virtual Open Mic night of the year, students should email Kyp-Johnson at [email protected]. If a student would just like to watch the event, they can also email Kyp-Johnson for the Zoom link.

Additionally, Andrews said that a student does not have to be a part of the Creative Writing club to perform on Dec. 10. 

“It’s really just a celebration of original expression at Prospect,” Andrews said.