Kevin Lynch, Editor-in-Chief

The Theater Department held a meeting Thursday to update interested students about this year’s spring musical. Fine Arts Coordinator Jeremey Morton announced in this meeting that this year’s performance will be titled “525,600 Minutes,” a reference to the song “Seasons of Love” from “Rent.” According to Morton, the name was largely chosen due to the importance of the song’s message right now.

“We love that song, we love the meaning behind it and how … we choose every moment, every minute, is really important,” Morton said. “So [in] these times where we feel like these moments are either taking forever or going by so quickly, we want to celebrate them with great songs.”

In terms of music, it will consist of a variety of songs from different musicals to perform, with no real plot to tie it together outside of transitions between numbers.

Morton and other members of the theater department have been researching safe ways to perform, as their goal is to hold a live performance near the end of April, the same time the spring musical is traditionally held.

To achieve this goal, however, Morton states that the production may have to be held outside to best accommodate all actors and audience members. Audition information can be found on the PHS Fine arts website.

Students interested in the program can also help recommend songs for the program through a Google Form, though Morton makes no guarantee that songs specified by students will make it into the final production. Nonetheless, he is excited to begin work and for the return of some normalcy this year.

“I think sometimes in a time where we may feel like we may be either trapped or we feel like we don’t know what to do, that creation process is … such a good release and working together with other people who are enthusiastically excited about a project; that’s exciting for me,” Morton said.