Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey. Licensed under CC BY 2.0

Brendan Burke, Associate Editor-in-Chief

He first burst onto the national stage when he appeared to be the more experienced far right presidential candidate in the 2016 Republican primary election. After losing to a radical reality TV show host with no political or military experience, he went back home to win his 2018 re-election campaign to the Senate by a small margin of 2.6%. 


On the fateful day of Jan. 6, this man who clearly has an eye set on the 2024 Republican presidential primary objected to the 2020 presidential election results based on non-determinative, sketchy allegations of fraud. This week, when his state is currently facing one of the worst climate crises in its history due to a winter storm failing the state’s energy grid and leaving millions without power, this man decided to blow off his duties to protect his constituency and instead proceeded on his family vacation to Cancún.


When one hears of these two unethical actions taken within the span of a month and half, the burning question is: what kind of elected official would do this? What kind of leader who swears an oath to the Constitution tries to overturn a national election? What kind of leader who pledges to protect the people of their state turns their back on them in their hour of immense danger?


The answer is no leader. An individual in public office that stoops down to this low level is nothing but a person who craves power over policy and laziness over hard work. People like this should not be representing any American citizens in any form of public office. Unfortunately, the state of Texas has a waste of a United States senator who fits this description.


This man is Texas Sen. Ted Cruz. 


Cruz, I know that the backlash you received for taking a vacation while your state is in crisis has caused you to cut the trip early and come home, but the fact that you found this trip appropriate in the first place is evidence that you do not care about the office you hold. All of your talk of “representing the great state of Texas in the U.S. Senate” is nothing more than political rhetoric that you say in the hopes of feeding your power hungry attitude.


You made the right decision to return to Texas, now resign your Senate seat. Your presence in the Senate delegitimizes the seriousness of our government and your actions on Jan. 6 will forever stain that sacred Capitol. 


Senator, it is time to go home. Yes, you left Cancún, but it is now your time to leave Washington, D.C. too. 

The game is over; your power hungry attitude will be permitted no longer.