Olivia Kim, Editor-in-Chief

(Photo courtesy of Keith Bellof) 

Math/Science Division Head Keith Bellof will be leaving Prospect after 25 years for a new opportunity at Buffalo Grove High School as their first ever Director of Student Life. This position was created to support students as they reenter the traditional classroom as well as cultivate leadership among the student body, according to Bellof. 

“I’m excited … it’s a new opportunity; it’s a whole new position, so I’m not gonna lie, I’m a little nervous … or just don’t quite know what to expect,” Bellof said. “I’m excited to have a different role where there’s more student interaction or student contact.”

One of his main goals for next year at Buffalo Grove is to help integrate the freshman and sophomore year classes to high school life since both groups of students have not had the traditional high school experience due to COVID-19. Additionally, he will be working with clubs and sports teams to coordinate events and more. 

Bellof has worked at Prospect for all his years in teaching — 14 of which spent as a teacher and 11 of those as the Math/Science Division Head. He initially decided to go into teaching because he found a passion for wanting to guide students to grasp concepts, and he hopes to pursue this in a different way as the Director of Student Life. 

“I found a lot of fulfillment in watching people have that aha-moment or … go from ‘I don’t really know what’s going on’ to ‘I have a much better idea [of that concept],’” Bellof said. 

Leaving Prospect, Bellof will miss the people the most from students to staff. Over his time here, he has been able to develop a relationship with nearly all the staff members at Prospect. He is excited to dive into a new experience whether that comes with new challenges or new opportunities. 

“Moving into a new building is going to be exciting, [as well as] to build those relationships over again,” Bellof said. “But … you’re walking into something completely new, so you don’t quite know [what it will be like] … I’m a little bit nervous … but definitely excited.”