Genevieve Karutz

On April 12, the non-affiliated Prospect tradition of Senior Assassin begins for seniors. With approximately 170 seniors signed up, the cash prize for winning senior assassin will be around $850.

Senior assassin is a competitive tradition where seniors are assigned targets (other students participating in senior assassin) and have one week to shoot their target with a water gun before the end of each round. If an assassin does not eliminate their target before the end of the week or gets eliminated by another assassin, they are out of the competition.

Players can only confirm eliminations by sending video or photo evidence of eliminating their target to the Instagram account for senior assassin @phsseniorassassin.

The game will also have a few restrictions when it comes to where players can eliminate their targets. According to @phsseniorassassin21, “School grounds are off limits. This includes sports practices, games, and academic commitments at Prospect,” 

Furthermore, players cannot eliminate others at religious events and will be responsible for any damage they cause. More rules can be found on @phsseniorassassin21.

The first round of senior assassin will run from April 12 to April 17.