New divison head named as replacement

By Alex Cannella
News Editor
Science Teacher Keith Bellof was announced as the next Math/Science Division Head last Thursday.

After being recommended by Principal Kurt Laakso, the District Board announced Bellof to take over the position currently held by Jovan Lazarevich, who will be an assistant principal and the CTE/PE Division Head. Bellof is to start in his new job next year.
“It’s a big responsibility, so I’m a little nervous, but a good nervous. I’m [also] excited about this change and how it’ll change my daily responsibilities,” Bellof said.
In his new job, Bellof will only be teaching one class as opposed to the five he’s currently teaching. Instead, most of his time will be devoted to working with staff.
 “One of my biggest responsibilities will be to provide the best environment for the teachers so that they can be the best they can be,” Bellof said. “As well as be a voice for the teachers.”
Bellof doesn’t plan to move the division in a new direction or make any sweeping changes to the system, but rather wants to “continue to move the department in a positive direction” because he thinks that Lazarevic is moving the department in the right direction.  
“Mr. Lazarevic has done a lot of things to get us moving in the right direction,” Bellof said. “One of the biggest indicators is our standardized test score, and they’re on the rise, but I don’t believe that test scores are the only indicator. Morale is on the rise and curricular teams are working well together.”
Lazarevic believes that Bellof will be a good replacement, citing his “great leadership qualities” and his knowledge of the content and skills taught within the Math/Science Division. However, he believes that above all else, he “makes decisions based on what’s best for the kids.”  
The promotion is something that Bellof has been working toward  for a while. For the past five years, he’s been moving toward leadership roles on district committees and even taking on the job of summer school principal for one year. And in the past three years he’s worked with Lazarevic, it’s been noticed.
“He’s certainly done some administrative things that made people say he’s good at this,” Lazarevic said. “I think he’ll be fantastic.”