'American Idol': Top 12 Results

maddievstim We tuned in on Wednesday night, both eagerly anticipating a past winner’s performance and nervously anticipating the current Top 12’s first experience with the bottom three. And here’s what we found….
Emmy’s take on the results show:
After last night there are some obiovus people who are staying and then there are some that I’m not too sure about. But the main thing is that I want Lee safe and after the over 100 votes I put in for him last night… Well, he should be staying on that stage.
The judge’s save! Yay! They could save Lee, but hopefully he won’t need any saving.

David Cook performs
I love David Cook. I love his rocker-ness. I love how he rocks out on the guitar, and I love his voice. I am very excited that he is gracing the “American Idol” stage tonight. Even though his hair looks like a crazy old man’s, showing off his big forehead.
Ford Video
How cool! I loved it! Lee was shown more than others and got to toss the the paintball up in the air at the end.
Elimination Part One
I have never cared so much for “American Idol.” I want Lee to stay in and I get more nervous every second.
Ahhhhh scary! Lee is on the end of the top row. That could be great or bad. I’m scared.
Paige is in the bottom three but LEE BETTER NOT BE! I swear I will loose it if he’s in the bottom three. I have to remind myself to breathe right now.
LEE MADE IT! Time for another party with balloons and cake! Now if only iTunes would put his single on the store so I could buy it!
Siobhan made it. Just sit down Siobhan the weirdo. You freak me out. YOU WILL NEVER EVER EVER EVER BE LIKE ADAM LAMBERT! Adam Lambert is so distinctive and no one will ever be like them! They won’t even come close to him!
Aaron is safe. Little girls love him too much.
Tim versus Andrew, who is in the bottom three? Tim is!
I love her more than David Cook! I love her voice and her awesome guitar playing skill as well as her obsession with purple and black like me. She used to have little purple streaks in her hair, but they aren’t there anymore. I love her style. I think she is super cool.
Not to mention I love this song, even if my dad says it’s just a girl screaming about nothing. Orianthi is a super cool blonde who I would not mind seeing in concert.
Elimination Part Two
Didi is safe, there Ryan. Don’t try to trick me. I don’t like her. I don’t want her to be here at all and I HATE her whiny, squeaky, sort of nasally voice! At least she’s not wearing something I would wear. She’s back to her preppy clothing.
Crystal equals safe. I like her. She is the predicted winner this year, which is good, but as usual I want LEE to win. Go Lee!
I do not like you Katie! I think you’re fake and you’re almost as bad as Haeley Beatles-Ruining Vaughn. Did she rub off on you, like Hooker rubbed off on Siobhan the freaky gal? There is an inconsistentcy with her Kara! She is NOT cut out to win this competition. She is getting a big head and her shoulders are too scrawny to hold it up.
Yes, Ellen, Have her do mariachi and then she will fail and leave.
Big Mike is safe, no duh. The bottom three is going to be Tim, Paige and Lacey. I would be a tiny bit surprised if it’s Casey, but Lacey deserves to get the boot.
Lacey what is that thing in your hair? That flower is like the size of your head!
Little girls are freaking out because Tim is in the bottom. He is probably going to just be in the bottom three but not the bottom two.
HA! I was right and listen to those little girls squeal like piglets!
Unlike Orianthi, Ke$ha is not a person I would look up to, go to a concert of hers (she’d probably be running around with no pants on and maybe being a little tipsy) or buy her CD. Ke$ha is a lunatic who probably spent all the money she recieved from her CD and her top singles on alcohol and buying everything but pants. And I’m not the person to hang out with an alcohol-loving party animal.
But if 3OH!3 is here I will love that!
WHAT ARE YOU WEARING KE$HA?! You are not a blonde to look up to at all. You sound a little drunk and whiny. Why are there lions on the TV screens?!
I will NEVER go to one of Ke$ha’s concert. NEVER!
3OH!3, YAY! I love them! They did an amazing song on the “Almost Alice” CD for “Alice in Wonderland.” The CD had Johnny Depp on the cover as the Mad Hatter. That was awesome.
Oh my gosh, Ke$ha an Indian head dress? You have GOT to be kidding me! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!
3OH!3 went off stage. What the heck? They only helped the performance for those like 17 seconds. Will they be back this year on American Idol? Because I like their songs, even if their music videos are a little off…
After this performance all I can say is one thing: Are you drunk? I really do think that all the drinking you’ve been doing and singing about has caused some SERIOUS brain damage. And no Ryan I am not going to “give it up” for the drunk lunatic!
Elimination Part Three
Randy, it’s not a girls’ year! Nope! Forget it!
I hope Paige is safe. Because she was sick and all.
And Lacey is outtie out! Just like I thought. HA! I don’t believe that she will get a save from this. She doesn’t deserve it and using a save on the first night…well that’s a poor decision.
Judges I will be SUPER mad at you if you save her. She doesn’t deserved to be saved. She’s out and Lilly should’ve been in!
Great night except for Ke$ha. She was very crazy. Crazy actually doesn’t begin to cover it.
Maddie’s take:
Can I just say, “I told you so?”
Not to brag or anything, but my predictions were pretty spot-on, with the exception of Paige being in the bottom three/two instead of Didi. Besides Paige (who was sick — give her a break, people!), Tim and Lacey both deserved their spots in the bottom three. I wasn’t surprised when Tim survived the cut; the girl vote will keep him in for, say, two more weeks. I predict him finishing 10th, ninth at the best.
Lacey, though, was long overdue. I repeat: Her. Voice. Is. Just. BAD.
Which, of course, America seems to have realized, as well. I’ve been spared.
Lacey going home was enough to make the night worthwhile for me, and David Cook performing was just icing on the cake. I’ve been a fan of David C. since he nailed The Beatles in Season 7, and it was great to see him back. At least someone still knows how to perform with style without looking ridiculous, unlike Ke$ha….
Now, while her performance was weird to the point that it was comparable to a GaGa performance, I still can’t help liking Ke$ha… She’s a bit of a guilty pleasure. Like, right now? Yep — listening to “Your Love Is My Drug.” Great song… Why didn’t she perform that?
Can’t wait for Adam to come back — he’ll show us how much better he is than Siobhan.
Emmy Lindfors and Maddie Conway