Students attend College Fair, gain valuable information

Graphic by Emmy Lindfors

By Alex Cannella

News Editor

For both seniors and juniors, April is a college heavy month.

While seniors are making final decisions on which college to go to and signing up for housing contracts, juniors are beginning to gain a few glimpses of what colleges are out there to go to. One of the better glimpses that the juniors have had was the College Fair at Harper College on April 6.

And according to junior Alexis Pavlatos, it was “a lot more helpful than a computer”. She cites the fact that when she looked on Naviance, there were “a lot” of schools that website said she wouldn’t be able to get into, but when speaking to representatives of the same schools at the Fair, she found out that she indeed had a chance at getting in.

“It made it a lot easier figuring out where I wanted to go,” Pavlatos said. “I like being able to talk to people firsthand.”
Junior Russell Cecala agrees, as he found that one of the strongest aspects of the Fair was the fact that you could “talk to people and get a better outlook on the college”.
Cecala believes that he learned a great deal at the Fair.
“There’s a lot more school than I thought. From everywhere, east coast to California. [And] there’s a lot more places I can get into than I thought.”
On the other side of the Fair, Southern Illinois University representatives David Jaynes and Danna Lewis were also pleased with the event.

“It was very well attended,” Lewis said. “The students had good questions.”

The most commonly asked of those questions is, unsurprisingly, what the school’s admission requirements are.
“They’re all worried about their standardized tests and what their grades are going to tell the world about them,” Jaynes said.
In the end, it seems that most people that took advantage of the College Fair, be it to find out about or to inform about a college, were satisfied with the end result, and Cecala is no exception.
“It was organized,” Cecala said, “the people really knew what they were talking about.”