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'American Idol': Top 9 (Take Two: Elvis Night)

Andrew Garcia (top left), Lee DeWyze (top right), Aaron Kelly (bottom left), and Katie Stevens (bottom right)
Andrew Garcia (top left), Lee DeWyze (top right), Aaron Kelly (bottom left), and Katie Stevens (bottom right)

We tuned in on Tuesday night to hear both the contestants try out the music from one of the 20th century’s most famous musicians — the one and only Elvis Presley himself — and advice from one of “Idol”‘s most famous contestants — the one and only Adam Lambert. And here’s what we’ve found…
M: Can I just say that Adam was the perfect choice for this week’s mentor? Not only is he the only past contestant bold enough to rock an Elvis hairdo for the performances, but he’s also probably one of the few past contestants with enough stage presence to save “Idol” from its falling ratings. I hope that America tuned in this week, too; after all, another loss to “Dancing With the Stars” just might result in me losing faith in the American public’s taste in good television.

E: First off I love Adam Lambert, he has about the best stage performance ever and his style…kooky and crazy but super cool…just like Lee and his bagpiper.
E: To begin, what an awesome guitar, Crystal! Look at the glitter and the sparkling of it!

Crystal performed good tonight. She brought out the electric guitar for something different and the different was good. I mean this is Crystal with the gospel and the blues, rythm-ness to it. It is was a good Crystal performance. Crystal has a good voice and her stage presence is nice and as much as I like Crystal, I want to see something different from her. I know that the electric guitar was different but there has to be more.
M: Adam was right on in his evaluation of this front-runner: Crystal is 100 percent authentic. Her voice, as always, sounded honest and natural as she belted the Elvis song. And, as Ellen said, I feel like a broken record, but she was just good. What else is there to say?
Oh, I know: I like her guitar. Yeah. Sparkles are cool.

E: Poor Andrew. His performance was good for him and I enjoyed it. But like Adam said, it left me hanging. It was good but it wasn’t good to the point where I wanted to keep my full attention on it.
I don’t want Andrew to leave because he’s there supporting Lee, and I’m worried what will happen if he goes. It’s not like Andrew is Lee’s crutch because Lee doesn’t need a crutch…it’s just that those two are almost in a bromance.
M: OK, can I just say something to start off? Garcia should NOT have changed his glasses. Sure, they’re still roughly the same shape and color, but they’re slightly less square and seem slightly smaller framed. Not an improvement in shape and size, either.
But spectacle comments aside, Garcia’s performance was vocally sound, as his usually are, but I did feel a lack of spark in the performance that Adam noticed in his rehearsal. It was enjoyable as far as performances go, but like Kara and Randy pointed out, Garcia didn’t go far enough to blow us away.
It’s ELVIS, for God’s sake. To sing the song the way that he did, Garcia needed to knock it out of the park, and Garcia didn’t. I hope that America gives him another chance, though; if he goes home, it would a) make me mad, as I’m still a fan, and b) crush Lee.
So maybe America will like his new glasses more than I do — anything to get this poor kid votes.
E: His performance was a Jonas Brother performance. It just reminded me of one.
But I am not a fan of the Jonas Brothers. They need Adam to help them with their stage performance because obviously Adam was a miracle worker with Tim. So guess what all you people (like me) who question why Tim is still here, well Tim is staying. After seeing his performance tonight, I am beginning to think Tim is an OK guy.
M: Adam, no offense, but have you even watched this kid perform? Because if you had, you would NOT have recommended that he sing in his head voice for more of the song — not after he couldn’t even hit the falsetto in “Apologize” in his Top 24 performance that should have resulted in his elimination weeks ago (I’m still pretty annoyed with America for that one).
But miraculously, this was another week that was not terrible for Tim. Somehow over the rainbow, Tim wasn’t bad. As he sang his rendition of an Elvis classic, Tim’s voice actually managed to sound soothing.
I know! Soothing! Tim Urban?! What is wrong with the world?
Well, since I’m still convinced that he’s lacking in any talent musically whatsoever, I’ll blame his temporary success on his mentor. Adam, you’re too good — because no matter what, Tim is not responsible for what happened on that stage. No. Way.
I wonder how awkward it is being by Adam Lambert? Lee made it seem a little more awkward…but then when you look at Lee and look at Adam there’s a huge difference. But I know that Adam will help Lee with his stage performance. That’s what I was most looking forward to when i heard Adam was mentoring the top 9.
Lee is trying to have more fun with the song and judging from the crowd he did amazing and I can never argue with that when it comes to Lee. Lee opened up more to the audience which is what people have

I agree with Simon. I would not want to see Lee skipping around the stage. That might look like a kindergarten recess.

But that last grin  with the thumps up almost made me spit out the juice I was drinking. It was funny and cute looking. It reminded me why I like him as a singer and person more than just because he went to my high school and his hometown is mine, too.
M: What his performance wasn’t lacking tonight was power. Both in his vocals, his guitar playing and his confidence, Lee was, as even Kara admitted, on fire. The edge in his voice grabbed my attention from start to finish; no matter what Kara seemed to see, I’d rather see Lee singing the way he did tonight than prance around like a kitten on the stage any day.After that performance, Lee — and America — definitely should be smiling.
E: Don’t know what to say…I never know what to say. Like Maddie has pointed out, Aaron is always up for comparison. He picks songs to be compared to others.
But I found no wow factor out of him. He was a little blah for my liking. I might have to agree with Simon…so boo me now?
M: Aaron! Once again, Aaron’s overall performance — in other words, his vocal — was stellar. But once again, Aaron’s song choice, however, was not stellar.
I feel bad for the poor kid, but what can you do? He keeps picking the wrong songs. Picking two past “Idol” hits in a row was a big enough mistake, but this week, Aaron even admitted to the camera that he wasn’t comfortable with his song choice.
And it showed. Although his performance was technically sound, it had a certain unnatural feeling to it that is beginning to become an Aaron cliche. And last time I checked, having a regularly bad choice of song isn’t usually the best sign in terms of your chances of winning the show. But just sayin’.
E: Two crazy people in one room. One is the good crazy (hint their name starts w A) and the other is the bad, I’m-totally-freaked-out crazy. This outta be good…even with Siobhan being compared to Adam Lambert (which no one will ever be like Adam Lambert NEVER!).
But I’m tired of Siobhan. I can’t even pronounce her name. I call her Si-bo-hue-bon.
What the heck Sio-bo-hue-bon? You always have to defend yourself with your voice and your way too shiny lip gloss. A singer has to have a genre and you have decided not to have one thus you being like Big Mike…and did you happen to see what that over dramatic fellow had to deal with last week? Yes the person who was suppose to be kicked off. That save is not longer here you woman. But then again I wouldn’t mind seeing you out.

M: Why am I not surprised that Siobhan is enough of an Elvis fan to do a report on him in sixth grade?
But freaky contestants’ past school projects aside, Siobhan’s performance was definitely decent, but I couldn’t help but notice that she was rocking the Glambert vibe this week. The big hair, the white outfit, the walking down the stairs, the big finish: Every bit of the performance breathed of an Adam wanna-be. And for someone who prides herself on being different, it’s a little hypocritical, and I can’t respect a wanna-be, freak or no freak.
Big Mike
E: Well when they show Big Mike and Adam his song didn’t sound that good. So maybe he fixed it up a lot after meeting with Adam.

Big Mike is pulling a Lacey–but with a guitar. He is sitting there passionately looking into the crowd–while I’m here bored and wondering how longer until the premiere of “Glee” is. Oh and see we have two Prospect connections now with FOX. We have Lee on American Idol and right after Idol is Glee which graduate Ian Brennan created.
I like this short and sweet the judges have for Big Mike. His ego might not exceed the room.

M: While I’m still of the humble opinion that Mike’s murder of the best Beatles song ever written wasn’t worth wasting the judges’ save, I have to admit that Mike’s — or rather Siobhan’s — song choice was spot-on this week. The performance was technically perfect, but it still didn’t stick out to me more than any of his previous sleepy performances. He lacked spark, as he does every week.
So, Mike, I wish that you had gone home last week when America voted you the most unpopular of the week, but since the judges chose to give you another shot, you’re safe for sure. After all, any of Mike’s fans that didn’t bother to vote this week will be voting three times as hard to get him through in a week that could arguably be the season’s most difficult with an additional contestant going home. Hey, if it worked for Matt Giraud, it’ll work for Mike, too.

E: KATIE WHAT IN THE WORLD IS WRONG WITH YOU? You are grrr-ing at the camera!
Oh wait I know…no boy sent you his phone bill, or he did but he didn’t vote enough times for your liking. Either that or the boys heard you sing and they pulled out from taking you to the Prom. That must be it. Might I remind you that they are only asking you because you are on the number one show in America.

It’s official Miss Katie, you think you are Miley Cyrus. Yup that’s all I can conclude so have a good Tuesday night.

Oh and I don’t like you. End of story.
M: With each week that Katie gets further in the competition, her vocal abilities get further developed, as well: Just like last week’s surprisingly well done version of “Let It Be,” she did well. It was bluesy; it was sassy; and, apparently, it was “full of horns.” Hey, Katie, you’re starting to get a former fan back on board.
Not surprisingly, Simon had to disagree, but I have a theory that half of what he says is pre-decided for ratings, anyway, so I just ignored him.


E: When I first heard his performance I had to make sure I wasn’t listening to Lee. Casey had that rasp to his voice that is almost Lee’s signature. So Casey if you are even thinking of gaining anything off Lee you should be thinking in the opposite direction.
Glee is on next that’s what I kept thinking while Casey was performing. That and why do people think he is sexy? I don’t like boys with pony tails.
M: Again, Casey brought the blues and soul in his music to the stage, and as the judges pointed out, it was vocally solid; however, as the judges also pointed out, it fell short of my expectations. It wasn’t anything more than his ordinary, bluesy performance — forgettable at best.
E: Hits: Lee, Crystal, Tim (yes Tim)
Misses: Andrew, the grring Katie, Big Mike, Casey

M: The Hits: Lee, Crystal
The Misses: Garcia, Aaron, Casey
-Emmy Lindfors and Maddie Conway

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