St. Ignatius College Prep mourns over JV hockey team bus crash


The bus that they hockey team was in lies flat on its side in the middle of the road. (Photo courtesy Henry Pisor)

Amelia Maslowski, Features Reporter

Community members, parents, St.Ignatius College Prep students, and staff gather to pray for the school’s JV hockey team after they got into a bus crash. 16 members of the team got hurt and three were in critical condition after a semi-truck trailer hit the rear of the school bus.

They had just come from playing two games against Culver Academies in Culver, Indiana. They went out to go eat dinner and as they were heading back to the hotel, the unexpected happened. 

“I heard my coach yell and we just saw a semi-truck coming right at us,” said Henry Pisor.

Pisor is a sophomore on the JV St. Ignatius hockey team and plays defense. He was luckily in the middle aisle of the bus which thankfully caused him to not get hurt. A drunk driver slammed right into the back corner of the bus as they were turning into their hotel in Warsaw, Indiana. The bus rolled at least twice and ended up on its side. 16 had minor injuries and were all well taken into care by emergency services. The three in critical condition, one even being ejected out of the bus, were rushed to the hospital.

“I heard my coach yell and we just saw a semi-truck coming right at us.”

— Henry Pisor, hockey player in the crash

Varsity hockey players wanted to support the JV team by wearing their jerseys to school the next school day after the crash. St.Ignatius was very grateful there were no casualties. The students have shown their support for the players in the bus crash.

“My biology class made me a poster and my French class made me a ton of cards,” Pisor said, “it really made me think of what a great community and support system this school has for my team.”