Q&A with a first-time voter


Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

Billy Buelow, Sports Reporter

Interview with Benjamin Shram


Q: Where/how did you vote? (by mail or in person) and why?
A: “I voted in person, I never really thought about voting by mail.”

Q: Who encouraged you to vote?
A: “My parents and teachers encouraged me to vote because it is my right and obviously I
should be using my rights. My parents especially wanted me to vote just to know what the
experience was like, and so I would be comfortable doing it again in the future.”

Q: Why do you think voting is important?
A: “I think voting is important because it’s our duty to vote the correct people into office. It’s a
chance to use our voices and make our opinions heard, and we don’t get those chances too

Q: Being your first time voting, what surprised you about the process?

A: “I was really surprised at how quick and simple it was. I thought it would be a long line and I
would kinda get lost, but it was easy to vote for sure.”

Q: Do you think the state of Illinois made the process of voting easy enough?
A: Yes, the process of in person voting was smooth and easy. It was much quicker than I
thought it would be to be honest.”

Q: What would you say to people who don’t want to or don’t care about voting?
A: “I would say that It’s very important to use your voice and use your rights as a person. And If
you’re not gonna vote or not care to vote, don’t complain about who gets voted into office.”

Q: Do you plan to vote again in the future?
A:“Yes, I do. I might do mail in voting next time just to see what that’s like, see which type of voting
is easier for me.”