ESPN Fantasy: An essential for sports lovers


Photo Courtesy of Dean Carlson

Dean Carlson, Executive Online Editor

Every fall, the NFL officially starts. And with the start of the NFL, sports lovers finally get their fantasy football passion to a start. 

However, because of the popularity surrounding fantasy football, other fantasy sports like fantasy basketball and hockey are casted in its shadow. But if they come from the same app, that being ESPN fantasy, how can one fantasy sport be immensely more popular than the others?

According to TheFSGA [Fantasy Sports and Gaming Association], there were approximately 62.5 million people playing Fantasy as a whole. 40 million of those players only play Football, the rest left for basketball, hockey, ect.

Once opened, fantasy football isn’t much different than other fantasy sports. Amongst the specific days that football games happen, it is during trade actions and other features like signing and wavering players where fantasy football appears easier to use. Amongst the specific days that football games happen.

Warnstedt finds there is more to keep track of in Fantasy basketball than football.

“[Fantasy] basketball has it where there is so much to keep track of, where [fantasy] football doesn’t,” junior Charlie Warnstedt said. “Fantasy football is a lot easier to pick up and understand; … it’s not as complex as [fantasy] basketball.”

Warnstedt expresses how his love for fantasy football does not extend to other fantasy games, simply because he’s never tried them. However, Warnstedt recommends all fantasy sports to fellow peers.

“It’s just fun playing with your friends and family, and it gives you something to do; [it’s fun] watching … and paying attention to the game,” Warnstedt said.

In my opinion, even though fantasy football may be easier to play, other fantasy sports do give off the same energy as fantasy football.

“You don’t even have to be that knowledgeable; … it’s just a super fun thing to do with family and friends,” Warnstedt said.

However, from my experience, it almost feels as if you need to do extensive research if you are winning or losing the trade you or an opponent is proposing.

Now if you are planning to get ESPN Fantasy, you would definitely be winning that trade.

Overall Fantasy from ESPN is worth getting in the views of Warnstedt whether its just to dip your toes in the pool of sports or prove to your friends that you know more sports than them.

“It keeps you engaged, and then you can talk about [the games]; it’s just really fun,” Warnstedt said.