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'American Idol': Top 6 Shania Twain Night

american-idol-logo4Tuning into Tuesday’s performances on ‘American Idol,’ we saw the top 6 contestants do Shania Twain songs…
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Lee “You’re Still the One”: Lee’s performance was perfect. I absolutely love the song he sang. I love Shania Twain. At one point when I was little that was all I listened to…that and the occasional Faith Hill. So to see Lee doing “You’re Still the One,” it was perfect. He is THE ONE TO WIN.

Big Mike “It Only Hurts When I Breathe”:
My cousin, Tom, was over watching ‘Idol’ with me and he kept calling Big Mike, Mikey. Well Mikey did not do exactly all that good in my book. Honestly I got tired of him just sitting there. He did that last week and here he is again doing it. What a pain in the neck it is…but, hey, it’s a Lacey move and that got Lacey no where. So all I can hope for is that “Mikey” is out of there quicker than a cheetah.

Casey “Don’t”:
Even though Casey completely screwed up last week, it was good for him. It was a major “wake-up call” for him. He performed, “Don’t” and did quite well at it. After that performance it looks like he will be sticking around for a while, just not past the top three..I hope.

Crystal “No One Needs To Know Right Now”:
As much as Crystal’s song was a hint to her boyfriend, it was still just another Crystal song. Yes she’s a good singer. Yes she has an amazing voice. Yes she most likely will get in the top two, but nothing really ever changes with her. I’m not saying I’m tired of her…I’m just tired of her being No. 1 on that Comcast Idol rankings blog. I just skip over her now. I know that she’s up on top…whoop de doo, but can’t she just do something else nowadays?

Aaron “It’s In the Way You Love Me”:
This week could be the week that saves Aaron. Aaron and his Archie-features have gone in the competition too long. He began picking the same song genre with the same tones week after week, making me totally bored with him. But this week was country and that’s Aaron’s genre. When he doesn’t win ‘Idol,’ he can get a gig as being the male Taylor Swift of country. Of course his songs wouldn’t be as personal as Swifty’s but he has that young, somewhat naive-ness to him. And now way would he win as many awards are TayTay.

Siobhan Vote fro the Worst Top 6 Cartoon
Siobhan Vote fro the Worst Top 6 Cartoon

Siobhan “Any Man of Mine”: First off I am super excited, and shockingly it’s because of Siobhan…the gal I highly dislike in this competition. She has been taken under the wing of Vote for the Worst and all I can say is: YES YES YES!!! Siobhan has been going downhill faster than a boulder down a cliff. So to see VFTW to take her is just good news to me. Will she be lasting long? NO. her performance on the other hand was bad. Very bad. She ran around the stage and her microphone was fighting back to her awful vocals. She acted like Tim going through the crowd. Then she ended the song with those God-awful-loud-annoying-large notes. She totally ruined Shania’s song right there. If anyone caught the look on Shania’s face; it was priceless. She seemed cheery when looking at Siobhan but then turned that smile upside down when she looked away.
But if she does last, I have a tiny bit of advice for her. When you hit the high notes (please do because it will get you out of there) I, as well as the viewers, can see down your throat and up your nose. That is something I do not wish to see. Also this ain’t Broadway honey. No need to spread your legs out and belt a note. No one wants to see what’s down there anyways, being covered y bad fashion sense.


With last night’s performances on American Idol I can’t even think of who is going to get the boot. As much as I would love for Siobhan or Big Mike to go (even though they seem like the ones to go), I am curious about what will happen to country-singer-I-heart-my-mommy Aaron. For a while there he looked like he was on his way out. But at least country saved him…and ruined Siobhan.
I think it could be Big Mike (“Mikey”) out the door but I really don’t know. his performance was OK and the judges seemed OK with it…but it didn’t click for me. So “Mikey” might be out.
But then again if I could see screaming-song-ruining Siobhan out the door…I think that might be worthy of a celebration.

Lee and Casey
Misses: Siobhan and Big Mike
-Emmy Lindfors

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