Creativity at its finest

Photo Courtesy by Louie Caldrone

Photo Courtesy by Louie Caldrone

Louie Caldrone, Sports Reporter

The senior backpack tradition where seniors at Prospect High School wear a young child’s backpack has sparked light in some people’s minds. Creativity has been taken to a whole new level with Prospect Student Jillian Brockie creating her own senior backpack.

“I knew a lot of people were going to pick the same ones, but I wanted one that was unique and my own,” Brockie said.

Hobbies come in different shapes and sizes asome people like sports, music, and shopping. There are so many different hobbies out there that people enjoy. However, Brockie uses her imagination as a hobby in many ways.

“I learned how to sew when I was really young, and I saw my mom repairing a hole in some jeans, and I was like ‘I want to do that!’” Brockie said.

To be prepared on the first day of senior year, Brockie decided to make a dragon/unicorn type of backpack with the patterns she had.

“I rushed it the day before school and stayed up until two in the morning,” Brockie said. “I didn’t want to come to school with a normal backpack. I wanted my first impression to be my backpack.”

Ideas flow and change, that’s the beauty about it, everyone has a creative side to them. Another great thing about creativity is that it can benefit yourself and others.

“I just wanted to be unique and I didn’t think a backpack would come in on time if I ordered one, and I don’t think the normal senior backpacks fit me very well,” Brockie said.