Boys’ basketball strives to overcome challenges


Junior Drew Terpins looks around in the game against Wheeling High School on Dec. 9. (Photo by Danielle Gerdes)

PJ O’Grady

The boys basketball team has gone against some challenges this season. They’ve faced some exceptional teams so far such as Evanston, Rolling Meadows, and Palatine. Considering their 2-5 record, Head coach Brad Rathe states the reality of the season so far.

“It’s been tough in the win [and] loss column so far,” Rathe said. “… we’ve played an incredibly difficult schedule, and that’s kind of how it goes.”

In addition to a multitude of tough opponents, the team is limited in size with an average height of six feet tall. The taller guys include Senior Alex Georgakas, as well as juniors Cole Chapman and Frankie Poshnjari. 

Since the team is smaller in size, Rathe runs a Princeton offense to better fit the team’s physical make-up. This offense is a four out and one in that develops once the ball is initially passed out.

“We just thought that personnel wise this would be the best case for us,” Rathe said. “We typically so far this year have played with one big guy in and the other four guys can handle the ball, so it’s a good fit for us.”

Rathe addressed the offensive keys he wants his players to focus on.

“We try and tell them to be loose, make good decisions … limit turnovers, get good shots,” Rathe said. “We’re just not shooting a very high percentage right now.”

Senior Alex Georgakas is the team’s leading scorer. (Photo by Danielle Gerdes)

The offense has dealt with some shooting issues so far this season. As of the games through Dec. 2, Georgakas the leading scorer, averages just over 10 points per game (PPG) with a high 50 percent from two point field goals, but he’s only shooting 27 percent from beyond the arc. On the other hand, sophomore Ben Schneider averages 9 PPG with a high 39 percent from three-point field goals, but just a 36 percent from two point field goals. 

Rathe directly addressed this shooting issue.

“ … We have to have some other guys step up offensively [and] score a little bit more to be able to win high level games,” Rathe said. “Whatever that might be, more assists, more scoring, more offensive rebounds, it’s not necessarily more shooting.”

Last Friday on Dec. 2 against Rolling Meadows, according to Rathe, he was impressed with how the guys played against possibly one of the best MSL offensive talents he’s ever seen. He liked how smart and patient the offense was on that night.

“We just played with a little bit [of a] different attitude which we as a staff have been trying to preach as much as we can,” Rathe said. 

This specific attitude that the coaches want to cultivate is simply about wanting their team to play harder than all the other teams. While working hard is an attitude that Rathe wants the guys to continue to develop, constant progress combined with learning is a concept he thinks the guys are good at. 

“Our strength is going to be to continue to learn and improve. Get better playing with each other,” Rathe said. “ … continue to scout and improve a little bit each game.”

Although the guys have some obstacles this season, they beat a very good Palatine basketball team 49-48, to send them to a 5-2 record. The boys’ are looking to build momentum when the season really matters in February. In the meantime, throughout the season Rathe will continue building up a winners mentality for the guys. 

“We’re trying to do a few different mindset things,” Rathe said. “Thinking about the way that we approach the game … thinking about the process and reflecting and having clear goals in mind and that sort of thing.”