The perfect actor for the perfect character


Photo Courtesy of Allure

Mia Ralon, Staff Reporter

  I first watched the Addams Family when I was 10. It quickly became one of my top 5 movies to this day. The dark mood to the perfectly written family became my home away from home. This being the reason why I was delighted to hear about the new show out on netflix.

     Wednesday Addams, the daughter of Morticia and Gomez Addams stars in her own show. Wednesday was always my favorite character, I’d even go to say she was like my idol way back when. You could imagine the excitement in my eyes when I not only found out about her own show, but that Jenna Ortega would Wednesday in the Netflix Original. Jenna Ortega. My favorite female actor and the perfect actor for the job. They couldn’t have picked a better person to play my childhood star. Jenna Ortega is known best for her acting in gruesome roles. She was the only real option I could say. If they chose anyone else to play Wednesday I would not have enjoyed the show in the same way. The director portrayed her with the perfect look of 2 braids, bangs, dark eyes and eye bags to an extent. Her classic all black look was of course kept through the show and became a characteristic of what people knew her as.

      Wednesday attends Nevermore academy (a school for the supernatural), after being expelled from her old school for pulling a murderous attempt of revenge. She tries to master her novice psychic abilities while solving what was becoming a large killing spree. Hints of her parents past are also uncovered during the show bringing in the perfect amount of screen time for the rest of the family. Catherine Zeta-Jones (Morticia) and Luis Guzmán (Gomez) were once again the perfect pair for the role. Once more I love the actor Luis Guzmán for the diversity in roles he plays. You can tell that he keeps a spark of himself in each role, but also acts in perfect character. I first learned of him from his role in Shameless and he will forever be Frank’s best friend in my eyes. The introduction of THING in the show was the cherry on top of the sundae. THING named from its lack of identity is a disembodied hand who performs various purposes for the family, a “handservant” to be literal. THING plays a prominent role in the Netflix series as he assists Wednesday in making allies, gaining clues and eventually solving the murder mystery… to an extent. 

      Second to actors the soundtrack plays an important role in all films and series. Everybody knows what you’re watching is enhanced by what you’re listening to. You couldn’t play a death scene with the wrong music; it wouldn’t make moms’ cry. A perfect example of music controlling the experience of the movie is the Jaws music. Everybody can feel a shark speeding towards them when the orchestra starts playing. Music is needed in all acts of the show that should be remembered. It gives the scene tone and emotion. The soundtrack in Wednesday recognizes my feelings on good music superbly. From the classic La Llorona to my favorite song back in 2017 Space Song by Beach House. The background pairs perfectly with the on screen action setting a dark and murderous tone. Along with suspenseful music while puzzling secrets unwind.

      But you wanna know why this series was so great? It’s because it was just the start. Just the start of great seasons to come…and you know how you know this? It’s because it’s another fabulous Tim Burton original. He produces and directs a lot of films and none of them miss. Although If I were to give the series a flaw it would be to never give Wednesday Addams a bright outlook. At the end of the season 1 Wednesday is portrayed in a friendlier light defeating the whole purpose of her character. So, if I were to change anything it would be so that there’s never really a happy ending. Overall I recommend this series to anyone who enjoys Tim Burton, dark main characters or murder mysteries. I give this series a 9/10 and look forward to watching the next season.