Senior scholarships available for application


Emma Letzig, Online Editor-in-Chief

Now that the majority of seniors have finished applying to college, the next step is applying for scholarships. Figuring out how to pay for college is often a large burden for students. The average cost of college in the United States is $35,551 per student per year, according to the Education Data Initiative

For students at Prospect, there are plenty of scholarships available. College and Career Center Assistant, Kristen Anzalone, makes sure scholarship resources are readily available. Links to scholarships that seniors can apply to are available in multiple places and constant reminders are being sent out to complete scholarships.

Anzalone stresses the importance of applying for scholarships, and how pivotal scholarship money can be. 

“Local scholarships we have will give students the ability to pay for fees or books, so costs that your FAFSA loan or Pell Grant can’t cover,” Anzalone said. “Sometimes a local scholarship can pay for your dormitory supplies … [or things] that you wouldn’t have thought would make it hard to go to college but actually in the end, [are expensive.]”

Many students are hesitant to complete scholarship applications because they don’t think they have enough time, or think it would be too difficult.

“If you are able to complete a college application, you can definitely do a scholarship application,” Anzalone said.

Scholarship applications aren’t as tedious as some may think, according to Anzalone. However, if students are still having a difficult time they can always stop by the College and Career center in room 116 to get help.

“Have confidence in yourself that the first step is applying, and you’re probably halfway there,” Anzalone said.

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