Unexpected end for competitive cheer season


Photo by Danielle Gerdes.

Zach Moreth, Copy Editor

The Prospect Cheer team recently took on sectionals and needed to finish top five in order to make the state meet, which has seemingly come easy for the team during previous years. They were prepared, performed well, and became optimistic, until they received the shocking results from the judges. Apparently ,there was a legality in one of their routines and it caused Prospect to be discluded from making the state meet. 

“We did the best we could,” junior Louis Monroig said. “Everyone gave it their all.”

The team was beyond disappointed and quite confused for the call. Monroig was very emotional about the result and expressed deep frustration with the judge.  

“The judges messed up and it is on them. They shouldn’t have stolen our chance to perform at state,” Monroig said. “I feel bad for the seniors because they worked their tails off just to get cheated by the judges.” 

Being a junior, Monroig will have one last ride next year and is looking forward to a chance at redemption. 

“I feel great going into next year because not making it to state this year just gives the team motivation to give it everything we’ve got next year,” Monroig said.