New Year’s resolutions: The ultimate goal


Dean Carlson, Executive Online Editor

With the new year upon us, many have decided to create certain goals or achievements they wish to complete. 

People’s resolutions often include getting a new gym membership, eating healthier or just starting a new, healthy habit to ultimately make themselves a better person. However, most fail their resolutions fairly quickly. According to Inc., approximately 80% of New Year’s resolutions fall through by the time Feb. 1 comes around.

This raises the question: does everyone have it in them to start a resolution?

Mount Prospect Park District fitness center supervisor Glenn Joy believes it is possible for anyone to commit to a resolution, but a certain mindset has to be at play. 

“If you have a goal set in your mind, say: ‘This year I want to do this’ or, ‘I’m going to achieve this this year, you’ve got it dude,’” Joy said. “No matter what it is, it’s all about self-discipline and just getting started. Maybe some people start late, but it’s really about getting started.”

Joy has seen this in the new activity in the Rec Plex and Central Community Center gyms following Jan. 1.

“[The new members] usually make ten trips [to the gym] before giving out,” Joy said. “Some people don’t have that discipline yet in them or that motivation.”

One person who does have it in them to follow through with her resolution, however, is senior Elise Gadson.

Gadson explains how her resolution originated from her Learning Leadership class. She was given a class assignment to choose a word to “embody” for the rest of the year. Gadson selected the word “connections,” meaning she is attempting to connect more with friends by checking in on them more from time to time, meeting new people and overall connecting more with those around her. So far, she says, this resolution has caused her to feel immense happiness that she is able to better an area of her life and continue doing so.

“It just feels like I’m less hesitant to say things to my friends, and so far, it’s going great,” Gadson said.

Reflecting on her resolution, Gadson expresses how she believes that everyone should partake in a resolution of their own. 

“It was just so mindful; I was always focused on: ‘Am I achieving my goal, do I need to do more?’ It’s more of the moment where I ask myself, ‘How can I use this opportunity to get closer to my goal?’” Gadson said.