Prospect sophomore wins first place in District-wide photo contest


Kremer’s first place photo features her stepsister standing in front of a window. (Photo courtesy Kate Kremer)

Emma Letzig, Online Editor-in-Chief

For 46 years District 214 has showcased the artwork, the talent and the creativity of the students in the District 214 Arts Unlimited Celebration. A tradition started by Richard Calisch in 1976 has stuck around, proving the impact of the fine arts programs in District 214. The celebration had many categories and showed a variety of arts ranging from paintings, drawings, photos and dance. 

Prospect sophomore, Kate Kremer, was the 2023 Photo show champion in the dark room category. Her black and white photo of her stepsister was submitted, and was named the district’s best. 

Unfortunately, due to a broken email at the time, Kremer wasn’t even aware that she had won the award. When the news finally broke to her unexpectedly in her math class, she was quite excited (and a little embarrassed).

“All of a sudden my math teacher during class … was like, ‘Hey, Kate. Congratulations!’ And I’m like, ‘Congratulations, for what?’” Kremer said. “[She] made everybody clap for me.”

Her teacher then informed her that she had won. Many of her friends and teachers continued to congratulate her in the days following the announcement. 

“It was nice because then it made me feel cared about, honestly,” Kremer said. “[It was] heartwarming.”