D214 announces new superintendent


Brooke Michalczyk, Online Editor-in-Chief

The search for District 214’s new superintendent has come to a close. Thursday, April 14, the board introduced Scott Rowe, current superintendent of Huntley District 158, to the public. Rowe’s contract will begin July 1 and continue through June 30, 2027. However, the school board hopes to keep him in charge for many years to come; The previous superintendent, David Schuler, stayed in his position for 18 years.


Rowe’s qualifications include a bachelor’s degree from Missouri State University and a master’s and doctoral degree in education and leadership from Aurora University. Additionally, Rowe was the principal at Huntley High School for five years, so the board trusts his familiarity with the township. 


Rowe has expressed his goal to focus on the most pressing issues for the district, safety and mental health. He told a group of student reporters at the board meeting what some of his key questions for them will be: “What are ways we can give you the skills you need to self-manage and cope with stress?” and “What are the best ways that we can create systems across all seven of our high schools to support you?”


Not only does Rowe plan to stay aware of what his students are going through, but he hopes to frequently visit and create connections in each school. His understanding of high school student life and parental values allows D214 to believe he is the perfect person for the job.