Parking pass application open to students


Photo Courtesy of Creative Commons

Justin Peabody, Features Reporter

As of May 5th, incoming juniors and seniors are able to apply for a parking permit for next school year. The online link to apply will remain live until midnight on July 31. According to Division Head for Student Success, Safety, and Wellness Adam Levinson, this was intentionally done to give students as much time as possible to update their vehicles’ insurance and registration if need be since it is imperative for all applicants to have a valid driver’s license, current vehicle registration and current vehicle insurance. 

However, those who cannot update this information by the end of July can still be put on a waiting list to apply in August. 

Even so, not all upperclassmen will be able to obtain a pass. Levinson says there are only 475 permits available, and priority is given to seniors who apply. Due to this, the number of senior applicants determines how many junior applicants will receive passes. 

In addition to insurance, registration, and driver’s license, prospective applicants must also ensure their attendance record is sound. While poor grades do not hurt students’ chances of obtaining a pass, cutting class or late arrivals to school do. Students with over 15 cuts or tardies throughout their second semester of this school year cannot apply for a pass. 

Levinson says that students are given more leniency with cuts and tardies this year; last year, students could have no more than 10 to be able to apply. Administration decided on this to be fairer to students while also emphasizing the importance of responsibility that is necessary for safe driving. 

After students’ applications are received and accepted, they must take one of several 45-minute parking classes available in August of next school year. The classes are taught by Levinson as well as School Resource Officer Lisa Schaps and Division Head for Student Success, Safety, and Wellness Nicholas Olson. In these classes, students are given an overview of regulations regarding parking on the Prospect campus and general rules of the road that are relevant to parking to ensure all students have the knowledge and responsibility to safely park on campus.

“We want to make sure everyone is respectful, is responsible, and makes sure that they are looking out for each other. That’s the most important part,” Levinson said.

Upon completion of the class, students are given a slip of paper confirming they are eligible to receive a pass. The final step is to pay a District-issued fee of $190 via cash or check made out to District 214.