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The Student News Site of Prospect High School


The Student News Site of Prospect High School



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The Prospect Games return for year two as a Homecoming tradition

Following a strong showing after being reintroduced to Prospect, the Prospect Games are back for year 2. (Photo courtesy of Sarah Stavnes)

The Games have returned. Last year, the Prospect Games were brought back, reviving an old Prospect Homecoming tradition, and this year they will return once again. ASB sponsor Cambria Myers was very happy with how the Games went last year.

“It was really fun to laugh at the boxcar race…[and] at the dunk contest and see Mr. Rathe and his son giving the scores and people reacting to those,” Myers said. “So I think the spirit of just coming together, laughing, it’s a competition but it’s also sort of entertainment, I was really happy with all of that.”

For the most part, the Games will be the same as they were last year. Just like last year, students had the option to fill out a google form where they could volunteer to be a part of the games, but this year, Blue Leaders were also encouraged to recruit students to be a part of the games. Blue Leaders and coaches Nico Aleksic (who will be a junior team coach) and Giorgio Difalco (a freshman team coach) said that recruiting played a large role in gathering teams, since many students don’t know a lot about what the Prospect Games are. 

“I guess it was an old tradition, but now it’s new to us, so nobody really knows about it that much,” Difalco said.

The teams this year are made up of both volunteers and recruits, with each team having 14-17 students. 14 for the sophomores and juniors and 17 for the freshmen and seniors. These teams will compete for the trophy from 7:00 – 8:30 pm on Wednesday, September 20, in the Fieldhouse.

A few changes were made to the Games this year, fine-tuning the event that had been gone for a while. All of the Games stayed the same, but some events, such as the Cookie Face event (where contestants have to get an oreo cookie from their foreheads to their mouths using only their faces), have been adjusted to be more timely. Additionally, the popular Boxcar Race might end the Games, rather than start them.

The biggest goal Myers, Aleksic, and Difalco have for this year’s Games is an increased attendance. For starters, more emphasis has been placed on the Blue Leaders to plan and run the games, as Myers hopes to create more of a student-led hype for the Games. Difalco and Aleksic agreed with the goal of having more spectators, saying they both thought the games were really fun last year, but there wasn’t the biggest outcome. 

This year, however, both of them plan to bring a lot of energy to the games, which will hopefully inspire more students to attend the Games and cheer on their class.

“We’re going to be dressed in full suits,” Difalco said.

They hope this kind of attitude will inspire other students to attend the Games and have fun, as well as bring an authentic student-led hype to the Games.

“[We want to] bring a lot of energy for sure,” Aleksic said. “We’ve got a lot of videos. Definitely, the colors, that will make it more distinct, who’s who. Make it a big deal to win that trophy”

As competitors at the Games last year, Aleksic and Difalco both really enjoyed the Dunk Contest, an event they are looking forward to again this year.

“That was the most creative one, [the] most fun one,” Aleksic said. “You got the most energy out of that one. From the crowd, from yourself, your class.”

They hope to bring that same energy to this year’s Dunk Contest, and Difalco said they will try to find a competitor with creativity, athleticism, talent, and confidence.

While their overall goal is for the Games to do well, with lots of excitement and energy, Difalco and Aleksic both think the class they are coaching will win the Games.

“That they’re the best class, and they gotta win for themselves to prove juniors are better than everyone else,” Aleksic said, when asked what his pregame speech will be to the juniors.

Difalco, however, has confidence in his freshman, hoping they’ll connect for the win.

“It’s not even going to be close,” Difalco said. “They’re always the most hype. Freshmen know what it’s about. It’s going to be crazy.”

Despite their confidence, however, both coaches recognize the danger the other classes bring to the games. The sophomores are the reigning champs, having won as freshman last year. The seniors are the underdog favorites, as Aleksic thinks they might have a “we want to be the best burst.” Despite being the underdogs this year, Myers has faith in them. 

“I feel like they’ve got something to prove this year,” Myers said.

No matter who takes home the trophy (and the highly-coveted bragging rights), the Games this year will be full of energy and hype. This is a must-see event, and spectators are encouraged to come dressed in their class color (freshmen – red, sophomores – green, juniors – yellow, seniors – orange). The Games will be full of entertainment, and even if a student isn’t competing, being a spectator is “the main and most common way people can be involved,” Myers said.

Difalco and Aleksic agree with this statement, hoping to encourage people to attend. Aleksic summed up their sentiment in just four words: “come to the Games.”

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Danny Martinez, Executive News Editor
Hi my name is Danny Martinez, and I am a senior. This is my first year on the Knight Media staff. I am the executive news editor for the newspaper (The Prospector) and a sports reporter. I often work the camera for football games as well. Other activities I am involved in at Prospect are soccer, track and field, scholastic bowl, and Knight’s Way, and I am an emcee. Outside of school, I like to spend my free time playing or watching sports and hanging out with friends.

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