Pepsi Refresh Project gives MPPL a chance

By Katie Best
Opinion Editor
When people walk into Mount Prospect Public Library, one may noticed signs and tiny hands that proudly exclaim “Vote for Mount Prospect Public Library!” Now, Mount Prospect residents can vote for more than just the local American Idol contestant, Lee DeWyze. They can vote for Mount Prospect Public Library to win a $25,000 grant for their newest project.
The south branch of the Mount Prospect Public Library is located on Algonquin Road. Here, residents closer to the area can check out books and also use the four computers that currently reside there.
And that’s where the problem is.
Many residents that frequently visit here not only rarely use the computers, but also do not know how to use them.
In a 2010 Daily Herald article, marketing director Carolynn Muci said, “All we keep hearing from the patrons is how desperate they are to learn to use the computer.”
According to Muci, the library plans to open a portable computer lab where a bilingual teacher can teach patrons of all ages how to use the computer and internet.
“We will need somewhere to close to $25,000,” Muci said.
While the problem of teaching is easily solved, the funding for this project isn’t easy to solve. This is where the Pepsi Refresh Project comes in.
Each year, Pepsi gives away millions of dollars to great funding ideas. There are four categories in which an idea can be entered to win funding; $5,000, $25,000, $50,000 and $250,000. Every month, Pepsi funds 32 new projects, which adds to a total of around 1.3 million dollars.
The Mount Prospect Public Library is currently entered in the $25,000 category along with 1,000 other opposing ideas. In order to win, the residents of Mount Prospect, or anyone in general, need to vote everyday so MPPL is able to obtain and win the $25,000. For more information about registering and voting, go here.
“People around the community can really help by voting,” Muci said. “They can vote once a day, everyday.”