Valentines Day flower sale spreads love

Valentine’s Day flower sale spreads love

Prospect High School held its annual flower sale on February 14th to raise money for girls’ Lacrosse while doing something to spread love on Valentine’s Day. 

The flowers they sold were carnations and were sold for two dollars for one or five for three in the commons both before, after and during lunch. 

The carnations were separated by color, each one having a different meaning: red corresponds to love, pink corresponds to crush, and white corresponds to best friend (BFF). During the sale, they completely sold out. 

Junior Bianca Serafin, who has been doing lacrosse at Prospect for two years, thinks the money will go to equipment and uniform costs, and has some hopes of what they will use the money for as well.

“I really like wearing the lacrosse gear around school, so it would be great if they put money into making more spirit wear,” Serafin said.

Although many people didn’t necessarily pay attention to the meanings of each flower, Serafin believed it made the flower more special.
“It’s much more purposeful, and it was much more fun to get a flower with a specific meaning rather than any old flower,” Serafin said.

According to HGTV, carnations are a symbol of fascination, distinction, and love.

“You give flowers to people you love, and you receive them from people who love you, and it’s just kind of a symbol for love and Valentine’s Day,” Serafin said.

Junior Leah Pour received two red flowers and one pink flower all from her boyfriend of over a year, junior Liam Gorden.

Pour was standing in the hallway when Gorden approached her, holding three carnations. 

  “It was very sweet, and I thought it was very kind and loving,” Pour said. 

Pour thinks that receiving a flower in school makes Valentine’s Day a little more special.

“It was a cute little thing, and he got me flowers outside of school, but it was like a cute thing to do during the school day,” Pour said.

Pour didn’t know that the flower colors had meaning, but she still thought the gesture was very thoughtful and special and looks forward to receiving more flowers next year.

Many people see Valentine’s Day as a day to celebrate only couples. However, Valentine’s Day can be a day to appreciate anyone in your life, including friends and family.

Senior Mia Lardizabal’s best friend Pip surprised her with a white carnation.

“I wasn’t really expecting to get anything when coming to school today, and then she came up to me and gave me a flower, which made me feel loved,” Lardizabel said.

Although Lardizabal got the appropriate flower color, a white flower corresponding to BFF, she doesn’t understand why they separating the flowers by color. 

“Honestly, I feel like it doesn’t really matter because showing your love to someone through flowers and a gesture in itself shows how much you care, and many people didn’t really follow the different colors, so I feel like there was no point and it was the gesture that counted,” Lardizabel said.

Overall, Lardizabal appreciated the flower and how the flower sale can spread love to your significant other and anyone you want to show your love to.

“I felt really excited, and it felt meaningful and special because even though I don’t have a significant other, I still have friends who care about me and show their love through Valentine’s Day,” Lardizabel said. 

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