The ‘GUTS’ have been ‘(spilled)’

Olivia Rodrigo announcing GUTS (spilled) on March 19 during her GUTS World Tour. (photo from Instagram @oliviarodrigo)
Olivia Rodrigo announcing “GUTS (spilled)” on March 19 during her GUTS World Tour. (photo from Instagram @oliviarodrigo)

On March 19, during Olivia Rodrigo’s GUTS World Tour, she announced that her deluxe album “GUTS (spilled)” would be released on March 22. The “GUTS (spilled)” album includes five additional tracks: “obsessed”, “girl i’ve always been”, “scared of my guitar”, “stranger” and “so american”. She announced these songs in the middle of her song “get him back!”, singing, “So I write him all these letters and I throw them in the trash”. Then instead of continuing singing, Rodrigo and her dancers held up different pieces of paper listing the names of the different songs. Now if you’re wondering my opinions of the original “GUTS” tracks, go read my other review on those songs, but for now I give you “GUTS (spilled)”.


I honestly feel like every Olivia Rodrigo fan knows this song by heart by now since she played it on every night of tour prior to the release of it. This song definitely leans more towards her grunge aesthetic. With heavy bass and screaming vocals, Rodrigo nailed the tone of this song. The insane chorus that Rodrigo sings “I’m so obsessed with your ex / I know she’s been asleep on my side in your bed / And I can feel it / I’m starin’ at her like I wanna get hurt / And I remember every detail you have ever told me / So be careful, baby”. I could legit just scream this chorus all day. It hits so well and I am also loving the music video.

girl i’ve always been

“girl i’ve always been” has a more upbeat vibe compared to her grungy pop songs. Rodrigo sings “I got panic rooms inside my head / And I get down with crooked men / But I am the girl I’ve always been / I got wrapped up in the game again / And you woke up in an empty bed / And I can’t say I’m a perfect ten / But I am the girl I’ve always been”. Its acoustic guitar and bongos really give me 2010s quirky rom-com girl vibes. I almost wish that this song was longer, clocking in at only two minutes and one second, I wanted more from her.

scared of my guitar

This song makes absolutely complete sense for Rodrigo, as she’s written many songs about her exes, past and teenage rage. Rodrigo sings, “But I’m so scared of my guitar / ‘Cause it cuts right through to the heart / Yeah, it knows me too well so I got no excuse / I can’t lie to it the same way that I lie to you”. Explaining how her guitar knows her better than any boy ever. The soft acoustic melody reminds me a lot of her debut album “SOUR”, which consists of lots of breakup songs and sad melodies. If I were to guess, she wrote this during her “SOUR” era and decided to release it now.


This song is also giving me very “SOUR” era vibes, maybe even pre “SOUR” and bleeding into her Disney era. I love how this song really symbolizes the happy parts of a breakup. Rodrigo sings about how she now feels like herself without this boy. “’Cause I was half myself without you, now I feel so complete / And I can’t even remember what made me lose all that sleep / I cried a million rivers for you, but that’s over now / You’re just a stranger I know everything about ooh, ooh / You’re just a stranger I know everything about”. She is also mentioning how now that they are strangers they still know a lot about each other because they were together for so long. This song sort of embodies the strangeness of how going to talking to someone everyday and then going to not is sort of odd because you lost your best friend. In the end she is happy though and definitely saved herself from lots of pain.

so american

Now for my favorite song from the “GUTS (spilled)” tracks: “so american”. We finally get a love song from Rodrigo. After all of these breakup jokes, Rodrigo’s new boyfriend Louis Partridge must be doing something right. This song is obviously about Partridge since he is British and Rodrigo is American. Rodrigo sings, “And he laughs at all my jokes / And he says I’m so American / Oh, God, it’s just not fair of him / To make me feel this much / I’d go anywhere he goes / And he says I’m so American / Oh, God, I’m gonna marry him / If he keeps this shit up / I might just be in lo-lo-, lo-lo-, lo-lo-, lo-lo-lo-lo-love”. I also love how cheerful and playful her voice is in this song. It really just shows how happy she is.

(photo from Instagram @oliviarodrigo)

This deluxe version has to be one of my favorites from any artist. Rodrigo gave us five new brilliant songs that really help embody just what “GUTS” is. I hope she plays these on her next leg of the tour, especially “so american” since she will be in Europe (wink* wink*). I love this era of hers and I cannot wait to see what else she brings to the table.

(photo from Instagram @oliviarodrigo)
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