'75 grad new Cubs' manager

By Carly Evans
After Lou Piniella, the Cubs previous manager, retired, there was a need for someone to take his place.
‘75 grad, Mike Quade, was named the “interim manager,” of the Cubs, meaning he will remain manager until the 2010 season is over.

During his time at Prospect, Quade was an all-around athlete. He participated in football, basketball and baseball. As well as senior leaders.
After high school, Quade went on to play baseball at the University of New Orleans. He was chosen by the Pittsburgh Pirates and played in the minor league teams until he retired in 1983.
Along with playing the game, Quade served as a manager for many minor league teams. In 1991, at the age of 34, Quade was named Minor League Manager of the Year for his work with the Harrisburg Senators in 1991 and 1992. Quade won again in 1993 after managing the Ottawa Lynx.
In 2003, Quade began his work with the Cubs. He started off as a member of the bench staff, then in 2007 he was promoted to the third base coach, where he remained until his recent promotion.
As of now, Quade’s future with the Cubs is unknown. In an interview with ESPN Chicago, Quade was asked how he plans to win over the full-time manger spot, he responded, “It’s so cliche, but I just need to do what I do.”