'Hot or Not'

Hot or Not is now being taken over by a new pair of clever, snarky and VERY opinionated girls (Jane Berry and Katie Best). They will be posting the “Berry Best” (Puny, right?) and worst of pop culture. It will be updated regularly, and feel free to comment with new ideas for our next entry.
The Burrito Guy– this is not what you’re thinking. I don’t think some guy who serves burrito’s is ‘hot’. Not that he couldn’t be, but that’s not why this guy makes my top ten list of coolest people. So my friend and I walked into a burrito-selling franchise at nine p.m. We go up to the counter and order a burrito for dinner. We were going to split it, so we were looking through our bags for change when the guy behind the counter says “don’t worry, this one’s on me.” Can you believe it? He was giving us a free burrito! Oh but wait, there’s more. We go to check out, and I guess he was thinking, “in for a penny, in for a pound” because he gave us a second free burrito, a bag of chips and salsa and two drinks, all for free. This was an epic night at the most amazing burrito-selling franchise (that will not be named for protection of the Burrito Guy).
Bedroom Intruder– This YouTube video belongs in the hot column, not because it was particularly amazing, but because it has spread like wildfire. I was walking down the hallway today and noticed my friend’s shirt said “you so dumb. you really dumb. For real.” (Needless to say the author of that was no Shakespeare.) When I asked where it was from, she replied with, “You know that video: bedroom intruder?” Ummm, no I do not know that video, but she had already walked away. I found out during lunch that every single person besides me has seen this video
A Simple Philosophy– I took American Problems in summer school this year, and I learned a good amount about the American government, but the most important thing I learned from my teacher could not be found in a textbook. One day, he announced to the class: “There are two things that kids will always work for; nap time and movie Wednesdays.” Not a single kid in class even showed a hint of disagreement. “During these next three weeks we will not have nap time,”.. (really, no way)… “but since we will be working hard, movie Wednesdays are definitely a possibility.”
The seventh period slump– Every day during seventh hour, I sit down at my desk and start to discuss en francais, but I find that I am always on the verge of drifting off. I was worried that something was wrong with me, but as I looked around, I saw about three fourths of the class doing the same thing. I don’t know what it is that makes me so tired, but when I walk into French class seventh hour, I could just really use a coke (or a frappuccino… or a cup of tea).
Mockingjay– (SPOILER ALERT!!!) I’m sorry you will have had to have read the series to understand this post. Okay, so I feel like the book started out with a solid introduction and the middle was very suspenseful. I honestly could not put the book down. The problem comes in the last 50 pages or so. First of all, Finnick dies without much of an explanation. Second of all, Prim dies when clearly the mother should have been ‘off’ed because she already had a great life. Third of all, the ending was rushed and not well coordinated. Oh and lastly, she chose Peeta. REALLY?!
NOTE FROM KATIE: Okay, so Finnick– who I love– just dies. WHAT THE FUDGE??? Honestly, she doesn’t even make it clear at first that he dies. Then Prim gets blown to bits. Katniss’ mom doesn’t even come back and try to help her. Gale runs off to god knows where and we don’t ever hear from him again, even though after Katniss shoots President Coin she’s mentally unstable and needs him. Then she just makes a life with Peeta. The kicker is when they made the book where everyone who died and was loved such as Rue, Finnick, Prim, Katniss’s father, Peeta’s family, Madge, etc. is drawn. At this point I was in crying hysterics and continued crying for a good ten minutes after finishing “Mockingjay.”

The Hunger Games Series: While “Mockingjay” is on the “not” list, the series as a whole is on the “hot” list. Where to start? Oh, yeah. I love these books. Once you get over it takes place in the future, the books have you hooked. Katniss’ character is captivating: headstrong, quirky and strangely realistic. Peeta and Gale are pretty much every girl’s dream guys. For all you Twi-hards out there, Peeta and Gale can “out-sparkle” Edward any day. And the thing is, both Peeta and Gale love Katniss. Big surprise there. Once Peeta and Katniss enter the Hunger Games though, none of this matters. It quickly becomes a matter of life and death in the arena. Peeta and Katniss need to stay alive, but with every other contestant in the Hunger Games wanting them dead, this proves difficult. Will Katniss live to love Peeta or Gale? Who will win the Hunger Games? Well, folks, you are just going to have to read and find out.
Jeggings: At first, the thought of leggings and jeans mixed together seemed like a stupid idea. The name itself– jeggings– is stupid. I couldn’t stand them. Then, when browsing Lucky Brand Jeans at Woodfield, I picked up a pair of them and tried them on. They fit like heaven. It was as if the jean– or jegging, in this case– gods were smiling upon me. Stretchy and thin like leggings, denim and stylish like jeans. Needless to say, Jeggings are now on the “hot” list.

Charlieissocoollike: This kid is seriously Katy Perry’s– and possibly my– “Teenage Dream.” He’s quirky, hilarious and british. Not to mention a youtube star. 19-year-old Charlie McDonnell has become a hit on youtube, not just because he’s hot and british but he’s genuinely entertaining. He can sing, play the ukulele, has weekly video blogs such as “Charlie Challenge” where he takes up different challenges such as juggling and making balloon animals and he’s also friends with my favorite author, John Green. Go nerdfighters and british people! Seriously though, if you are ever bored and need some entertainment, check this kid out.

Homecoming Dress Shopping: After spending hours upon hours of searching for a dress and having no luck, I am done. After spending countless weekends and going to dozens of different stores, homecoming dress shopping may be the death of me. I’ve learned that I shouldn’t try to find the dress — the dress will find me.
Facebook Cat Fights: How old are you girls, two? No one cares about your problems, except maybe your mom and your close friends. So wall posts of “God, she is such a b***h” and “You’re a slut” and other countless arguments need to stop. You guys have cell phones — we live in America. Call the person and complain to them so you stop clogging our newsfeeds with things we don’t care about. Man up: I know you kiddies can have civil conversations without killing each other. May limit the amount of useless drama we have at Prospect.
Fall Colds: Coughing. Sneezing. Runny eyes and nose. We all know this feeling. The achy muscles and the I-do-not-want-to-get-out-of-bed mantra making getting over this nearly harmless disease like being in World War Three. Okay, so this may be an exaggeration, but no matter what I do, this cold seems to like making my life a living nightmare.