Lunchtime karaoke an opportunity for fun, laughter

By Gianna Scala
Staff Writer

Prospect continued homecoming week by having lunchtime karaoke on Tuesday, Oct. 5.

Students from all classes had the chance to show their stuff to the school by singing a song of their choice. Of course, this was optional, but brave souls had the chance to entertain the crowd.
“I give credit to the kids who actually have the courage to go up there,” audience member freshman Brenna Milligan said.
Students like sophomore Keagan Anderson had no problem singing for their peers.

Anderson sang “Under the Bridge” by the Red Hot Chile Peppers. He said he sang this song because it has a good meaning, is nice to chill out to and simply was stuck in his head.
He was excited but also nervous to sing in front of everyone. To Anderson, singing is always fun but once he got on stage, he said, “my legs were shaking, and I thought I might fall over.”

After a successful performance (with no falling involved), Anderson was proud of himself, and it was someone else’s turn to take the stage.

“Afterwards, I definitely felt fulfilled, successful and genuinely happy,” he said.
Most students, like Anderson, sang their songs seriously. Others just did it as a joke. Audience members from the freshmen and junior classes said that some of the singers were difficult to hear, some were actually good, and others were just plain hilarious.
“Wow!” a lunch supervisor said of a karaoke jokester. “All I have to say is ‘wow.’” 

Overall, students described this year’s lunchtime karaoke as interesting, amusing and a blast to be a part of.
“It was definitely unforgettable,” freshman Shannon Moore said. “It was a great first impression of Prospect karaoke.”