PMK reigns supreme at U of I

By Andrew Revord
News Editor
For the 27th time, the Prospect Marching Knights claimed victory at the U of I Marching Band Festival on October 16.
This time, the competition consisted only of the field show, with no parade.
The reason the parade was cancelled was because it “wasn’t working out for a lot of people,” according to band director Chris Barnum.
Many band competitions have already abandoned the parade section
Despite not taking home the Governor’s Trophy last year, Barnum said that the band performed as well this year as they did last year
He believes that every year is different in terms of how well other bands do, so where Prospect places in a competition isn’t necessarily related to how well they  performs.
Of course, that is not to say that the Marching Knights aren’t making sure to perform at their very best.
“As we approach the end of the season, we are trying to maximize the show,” Barnum said.
That means identifying spots in the show that are the “most distracting.”  These spots are usually created by an individual’s performance problems in the show.
“Our goal every time we go out is to perform to the best of our ability,” Barnum said.
Ultimately, Prospect’s performance means a lot more to Barnum than awards do.
“I think this has been a fabulous season.  I think the show is well written.  I think the kids are trying to get the most out of [it],” he said.
After their U of I victory, the Marching Knights placed 4th at ISU on October 21.  They perform their show, “Away Above the Chimmney Tops” again at the Bands of America Super Regionals in Atlanta, Georgia, this weekend.