Where the 10th district candidates stand

According to each of their websites (DoldforCongress.com and 10thdistrictforDanSeals.com) this is where Dold and Seals stand on some of the controversial issues of today:
1.     Abortion:
Dold and Seals are both pro-choice candidates, but Dold supports parental notification laws where Seals supports a personal choice.
2.     GLBT Rights:
Seals believes that marriage should be available to everyone because it is a civil right. Dold believes that a marriage should be between a man and a woman, but still thinks that same sex couples have a right to enter into contractual marriage.
3.     Economy:
Seals believes the first step to restoring the economy is getting families back on their feet. Then he wants to cut wasteful spending and lowering taxes by using Pay-As-You-Go budgeting. This means to only spend the money that the government actually has. Dold believes that Congress cannot tax its way out of debt and should therefore cut taxes. Also, he feels that the government should stop unnecessary spending and create an actual budget.
4.     Healthcare Bill:
Dold strongly disagrees with the recent healthcare bill that was passed. Seals does not think that it is perfect, but believes it was a good choice for middle-class Americans.
5.     Jobs:
Dold and Seals have steps they believe need to be taken to create more jobs and help businesses:



Make Credit Available to Small Businesses

Invest in Small Business

Rein in Government Spending

Restore Fiscal Accountability

Retrain the Long-term Unemployed

Innovate and Foster Private Sector Growth

Support Free Trade Agreements

Build the Middle

Support a Pro-Jobs Tax Policy