Fuzzy shearling brings in new season

This season's most wanted coat is shearling. This example is from H&M's winter ad campagain.
This season's most wanted coat is shearling. This example is from H&M's winter ad campagain.

Whitney Kiepura
Executive Opinion Editor

In the upcoming cool months, a new trend has captured the ears of all those anti-PETA people: Shearling coats. (By the way, the funniest acronym ever? Why have People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals when you could have People Eat Tasty Animals? ) But back to the sheep.

We inhabit a city known for its sporadic weather systems. It’s not uncommon to see girls wearing mini skirts , while others are layering in sweaters and Ugg boots. Wearing skirts in what is generally thought of as cooler months would be unheard of in many parts of the country. But here, it’s not uncommon to start the weeks in the 70’s and end in the 40’s. Speaking of which, Ugg boots and shorts are not approved of. Ever.

But footwear will be reserved to another column. At the moment, consumers must ask themselves if they are willing to cloth themselves in a dead sheep.

As unappealing as that sounds, it is shearling’s true nature. Like most animal products, it doesn’t have the prettiest background. Nonetheless, everyone needs to keep warm. Human arm hair isn’t warm enough during December nights, so we must turn to others to help us. Although I am against needlessly slaughtering animals, like these men, it is acceptable to own one or two pieces that are made from their skins.

In fact, shearling is one of the most innovative but functional fashion trends for coats in a few years. After years of loving leather jackets filled with frigid metal spikes, and classic, but average wool coats, shearling is like the new girl in school. She’s new but willing to play with all the kids. This theoretical coat is willing to play with classics, like white collared shirts or skinny jeans, but also embrace newer trends like leopard print accessories, or red accents.

These coats are warm but come with an added bonus; they look good on everyone. Just like Ugg boots, part of the appeal comes not only from the fact that everyone can have one, but because they’re so undeniably comfortable.

Cheaper versions can be found at H&M for $29.95 dollars.  The price range continues up to high fashion designs, like this Burberry version that retails at $3,995.

Although during school, wearing coats will be restricted to dashing from car to building or waiting for the bus, this investment piece will be wearable in the years to come. And who knows, you might make Miley jealous if you wear a feathered headband with it too.