Fire alarm gives Haunted High School a scare

A child goes through the maze at Haunted High School on Oct. 28.  Photo by Dave Jacobson.
A child goes through the maze at Haunted High School on Oct. 28. Photo by Dave Jacobson.

By Neel Thakkar
The only scare at Prospect’s Haunted High School, held on Oct. 28, was unintentional. A smoke machine from Knights’ Way’s Haunted Maze triggered a fire alarm about halfway through the event, sending a swarm of costumed children – there were about 400 who attended, according to Lyn Scolaro, whose Student Council sponsored the event – and their parents outside to huddle together for roughly 10 minutes in the cold.
“Something like this happens, it’s an automatic response. We go,” said Mark Pope, a fire engine operator who arrived on the scene.
Once inside, though, the children weren’t rattled.
It was the first year at the event for Kate Bordon, Katie Bush and Grace Foley, friends from Fairview Elementary School. Dressed as a dancer from the 1920s, as Alice in Wonderland and as a cowgirl, respectively, the girls couldn’t agree on their favorite activity (Musical Chairs or the Maze) or their favorite candy (Crunch, Reese’s, or Skittles). But they could all agree that they wanted to come back next year.
Photo by Dave Jacobson.
Photo by Dave Jacobson.

By contrast, Joshua Westgor had already come back three times. Eight years old, Westgor has been coming to Haunted High School for half his life. Dressed as Mario, eight-year-old Westgor said he that his favorite activity was Potions, which Science Olympiad held. He even prefers Haunted High School to trick-or-treating, though he does both.
“He thinks it’s a blast,” said his mom, Melanie Westgor.
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