Prospect to hold Lifesource blood drive

By Whitney Kiepura
Executive Opinion Editor
The field house foyer is not the most usual place to find needles and bags of blood. But on Saturday Nov. 13, the Service Club will be helping LifeSource, a local Chicagoland Blood Center, run a blood drive here at Prospect. Donors are welcome to come from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. Donors must be at least 16 and weigh 110 pounds; everyone in the community who meets those two requirements are welcomed to participate.
LifesourceProspect has hosted blood drives in the past. The most recent one was back in 2005, however, that blood drive was during the school day. Students were called out for two periods to go down the the fieldhouse to have their blood drawn, but not all the students showed up.  Some went out to lunch, hung out with friends or did homework in the library instead of donating blood.
“It took weeks to clear up all the attendance issues,” Service Club sponsor David Jacobson said.
By moving the blood drive to a weekend, Jacobson expects fewer students involved, but knows that by changing the date to a Saturday, more of the community will be involved. In the past, people who work during the week had a hard time getting to the blood drive. This also removes the threat of having strangers wander through the building during school hours.
In the past, LifeSource received donations from 150 to 180 people. But this year, there goal is to get donations from 75 people. If you want to donate, log on to the Prospect website here and schedule a time. However, walk-ins are welcome.
“People should donate because it’s a worthy cause,” Jacobson said. “People always need blood.”