50,000 words, 30 days – Nov. 4

Katie Best
Opinion Editor
Thursday, Nov. 4.
Since, as of right now, I have no life between school, speech team, journalism, winter play, babysitting and tennis, finding time to write “x” amount of words is nearly impossible. So I have devised a plan.
Every day, from here on out, I will be writing 2,000 words a day in hopes of finishing the nearly unobtainable 50,000 word count. If I do not obtain my 10,000 words per weekday, I will catch up on the weekend. I’ve already started writing, and my word count for the day is 1,056.
Oh, and since procrastination seems to be my best friend, I still do not have a fully developed story idea. Honestly, I just want to bang my head against my computer screen and scream at the top of lungs, “I’M DONE. FML. YOU WIN.”
Then I realize I’m only four days in.