Clever 'Megamind' brings more than action to the table

Megamind and his best friend Minion make Dreamworks' "Megamind" a rare smart  superhero film (Photo courtesy of
Megamind and his best friend Minion make Dreamworks' "Megamind" a rare smart superhero film (Photo courtesy of

By Kyle Brown
Staff Writer
In the past decade, the superhero film has become the standard for a blockbuster action movie.
Also in the past decade, the superhero film has become a cliché, with each new one just like the last, with little innovation or creative thought put into the squandering of multi-million dollar budgets like the atrocious “Hulk” and “Fantastic Four” movies that have come out in the last few years.
That is, until now.
The thing about innovation is that it can come from nearly anywhere, even from a movie directed towards children.
In Dreamworks’ computer-animated “Megamind,” we finally see a balanced and clever superhero epic that focuses more on the brains than the brawn, similar to the witty formula that worked so well for Marvel’s 2008 summer blockbuster “Iron Man.”
Megamind (voiced by Will Ferrell) is the supervillain genius of Metro City who finally vanquishes his superhero nemesis, Metroman (voiced by Brad Pitt). But without a hero to stop him, what is the point?
To give his life meaning once again, Megamind crafts a superhero (voiced by Jonah Hill) to return his life to how it was in the good old days when Metroman would answer the call. But when his creation turns evil, the eyes of Metro City turn to Megamind to save the day.
Yes, this movie was released in 3D as well as good old 2D, but seeing as the computer animations done by Dreamworks already add a ton of depth and immersion to the film, paying the extra $3 for a pair of plastic shades simply isn’t worth it.
The action scenes are appropriately mild, but that doesn’t mean there are no thrills to be had when Titan, Megamind’s superhero creation, throws an entire building like it’s a huge javelin.
Many a time did I find myself laughing out loud to the hilarious and somewhat ridiculous lines throughout the movie, including a scene where Megamind and Metroman argue in the classic superhero banter style.
“Justice is a non-corrosive metal!” Metroman exclaims.
“But it can be melted with the heat of revanche!” Megamind retorts.
“It’s revenge and it’s best served cold!”
It’s lines like these that make the whole movie rise above so many other forgetful action flicks. You will bust a gut no matter how old you are, how mature you think you are or whatever gender you are. I guarantee it.
Of course, the entire film would fail if it wasn’t for the heartwarming theme surrounding the whole story: “Heroes aren’t born, they’re made.” It brings everything in this larger-than-life movie down to a simple, human element.
All in all, “Megamind” is one heck of a ride. It provides laughs, brawls and tears aplenty (the good kind). It’s a perfect for anyone seeking an eshkape… er, escape from the same old, recycled, testosterone-fueled junk we’ve seen as of late.