Inaugural craft show hopes to set new tradition

By Miranda Holloway
Sports Editor
The fieldhouse smelled more like a candle shop than a gym on Sunday, Nov. 21, when the post-prom committee held its first ever Snow Bird Craft Show on Sunday.
The vendors sold a variety of jewelry, clothing, soaps, candles, toys, stationary and holiday decorations to try and begin a tradition of craft shows similar to those held atother schools in the area.
The committee worked diligently to increase awareness for the show through advertisements online, in print, electronic media and in the parent newsletter. They also visited more than 40 craft fairs to meet potential vendors.
After holding the show for the first time, craft show chair Mary Nyborg, mother of senior Robert Nyborg, said that the main goal is to be able to build the show over the coming years to eventually raise enough money, about $35,000, to pay for one year of post-prom cruise activity, transportation and to cut the ticket cost for students.
The show was approved during April, and in six months the show grew from zero to 85 vendors. Students were able to volunteer through service club to help run the show and gain service hours along with a food coupon to the cafeteria. The show was also helped by many adult volunteers.
“The support we have gotten from everyone, the administration, the staff, and Prospect families, the community at large and local businesses has been phenomenal. We could have not put on a show without their support,” Nyborg said.
With the show still in its infancy, the post-prom committee is appreciative for the amount of encouragement they received.
“It’s a wonderful group effort. Whatever success we have is because of that,” Nyborg said.