Randhurst AMC Theaters: The AMC at Randhurst charges $9.50 per ticket and then you spend nearly twice that on a drink and popcorn. I went there to see Black Swan with a couple friends, exercising our right as 17-year-olds to watch rated R movies. We bought our tickets and then pulled together $9.27 for some popcorn and a drink to split. We figured out in a couple seconds that with a $5.75 price for a small popcorn and $4.25 for a small drink there was no way we were getting anything without some argument. I left for theater number nine unsatisfied.

Arlington Theater: Not only is it very reasonably priced in comparison with AMC. It only costs $7.75 for an adult and $5.25 for any student with their ID. Even though they don’t play the latest movies, at least I can afford it with the babysitting I do. Plus ,I can even get a popcorn and a drink, it’s only three dollars each for a small popcorn and a small drink. I can handle that.

Five dollar Panda Express: Just the other day, my friend Jamie Kowalczyk was complaining just last week about how “we get totally jipped for this tiny bowl of chicken and noodles.” I understand the school has to make a profit on the food they supply, but five dollars for something we could get at Panda for three? Really? I went in Panda Express the other day for lunch and found that a small of each orange chicken and chow mein cost about seven dollars, give or take. So why must we pay five bucks for something so puny? And I don’t even eat the chicken because I am a vegetarian! I found, that most of the food in the cafe is on the steep side, and have you seen the price of salads? Geeze.


Relaxation days in Dance/ Health: While I may not have taken health yet, the relaxation days in dance class give a refreshing perspective to a gym class. You have an entire 30 minutes or so to yourself to think, breath and occasionally, take a nap. The sound of rushing brooks, waterfalls and bird calls fill your ears, and you are able to relieve all the tension you have in one sitting. According to sophomore Noelle Johnston, “The relaxation days, or mini vacations, in dance are like the perfect thing after a stressful day at school.”


Jimmy John’s Delivery: Last Monday night I ordered Jimmy John’s around five and had it delivered to the school. Most people would think that the food should come quickly considering Jimmy John’s is only 2 miles away, takes 5 minutes to drive there and their slogan is “freaky fast”. It took 22 minutes and 43 seconds, according the stop watch my friend Ivy was holding. Although, our order was perfect and the guy that dropped it off was really nice about me stopping him to do an interview. I was so hungry by the time he got there that I could have taken my sandwich out right there and ate it while I was interviewing him. I probably wouldn’t be so bothered if their slogan was “moves at a moderate pace”.


Jimmy John’s Delivery (It IS freaky fast): Despite what my co-writer, Jane, says, I have had nothing but “freaky fast” deliveries when ordering from here. When I last ordered Jimmy John’s to my house, I ordered a number six, AKA “The Vegetarian.” I also timed them when ordering, and it came to a whopping 11 minutes and 57 seconds. Their timing was so fast, I freaked.


Conclusion: The guy that dropped off our sandwiches said that they usually deliver in about 12 to 15 minutes, depending on how far away someone is, which guy is delivering, and how busy the night is. So, i suppose if you add Katie’s 11 minutes and 57 seconds and my 22 minutes and 43 seconds and divide it by two, that equals 17 minutes and 20 seconds. That’s not quite what my source told me, but it’s pretty fast.