Company readies for competition season with preview show

By Kyle Brown
Staff Writer
Company, Prospect’s all-girls show choir, will perform their 2011 Preview Show on Tuesday Feb. 8 in the theater. This event is an opportunity to see the girls sing and dance before they take their show on the road this February and March.
“It gets us into the mindset of performing before we perform in a competition,” said sophomore Caitlin Claytor. “[The show is] a marking point of where we are and where we need to improve.”
The theme this year is called ‘The Eye of the Beholder,’ and the group’s set list includes ‘Beautiful Day,’ ‘Spiderweb,’ ‘One Thousand Sarahs,’ ‘Beautiful,’ and ‘Something Beautiful.’
Beauty is a recurring theme throughout the show, whether it be the beauty of others, the beauty found inside each person or the beauty of being a grown up.

“Our show opens up [with ‘Beautiful Day’] introducing us and what we can do,” Claytor said. “‘One Thousand Sarahs’ represents feelings as a teenage girl and jealousy towards another girl. ‘Beautiful’ [represents] that everyone’s beautiful and we just need to realize that. ‘Something Beautiful’ is about how we come off as girls but really are women. You have to see us from a different point of view.”
Although the girls are under pressure to get their show pitch-perfect before they perform for any judges, the year has gone much smoother in comparison to the previous season.
“Last year was a tough year in terms of directors,” Claytor said. “The first director picked the show, the second director was there for one or two rehearsals, and the third director came right before the season [started]. This year’s director picked the show and can do what he wants with it.”
With a little less than a month remaining and a precious few rehearsals left, Company will have its work cut out for it before the competition season starts. Only time will tell if the judges will appreciate the show as much as the girls have.
“I anticipate we’ll have a better year this year, but no guarantees,” Claytor said. “It all depends on what we do on stage.”