10 things to do on a snow day…

The announcement made on Tuesday afternoon pleased many students with just the simple words, “there will be no school tomorrow”. Wishing for a snow day and finally getting one isn’t worth fighting about anymore, because now we can’t say that the administration never gives us one. So if you’re stuck inside, or attempting to venture outside, and don’t know what to do with your time, here’s a list of the Top 10 things to do on a snow day (to save you from boredom):
1. In dangerous conditions like this, the weather service is highly advising people to be careful, but not spending time in the snow would hardly mean a “snow day” at all. Bundle up, and go outside (It might be hard to do anything with the high winds). Build a fort, shovel your and a neighbor’s driveway. Go sledding, make snow angels, have a snowball fight. Get in touch with the fun winter activities you used to do as a kid.
2. Read a book- On a blustery, snowy day, it’s relaxing to curl up on the couch (or next to a fireplace!) with a mug of hot cocoa and read a good book that’s not school-related.
3. Play video games- An addiction that will keep you entertained for hours, you might be able to finally beat the level you can’t get past.
4. TV Marathon- Catch up on those TV shows that you never get a chance to watch when homework and extracurricular activities weigh you down!
5. Watch a movie- Find one that makes you laugh, or stars your favorite actors. It will keep you entertained for a few hours.
6. Work on a scrapbook, or go through old photos of friends- When seasonal depression hits because of the nasty weather outside, its fun to think about all of the fun times you had.
7. Bake cookies!- Warm up your house with the smell of chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin cookies baking in the oven.  Of course, you have to have all the ingredients.  It’s a little difficult to travel to the store.
8. Stay in your PJ’s all day!- Be comfortable and lazy instead of dressing up for school; it’s fun to do something different for a change!
9. Spend the day catching up with friends, either on Facebook or Skype- When everyone claims they are too busy to talk because of busy schedules, now is a good time to have an excuse to talk with them all day!
10. Make a to-do list of everything that you have always wanted to do on a weekend or day off- Now that you have a chance to do whatever you wish you had more time for, you can be happy about not being in a school for a day, and instead, enjoying something for yourself.
Enjoy the day off! And remember to vote on the new poll asking, “What’s the best name for the snowstorm?”