New tardy policy implemented for second semester

By Sharon Lee
Associate Editor-in-Chief
Every day is a battle for senior Hannah Powers.  As soon as the bell rings, Powers races from the cafeteria to the third floor to get her books from her locker, then makes her way quickly to the gym locker room.  She hurries to get changed and runs to the gymnastics room on the other side of the field house to her Martial Arts class all within ten minutes.
Her speed is not enough, however, and Powers has received nine tardy slips so far for being late to gym class.
Martial Arts teacher Aaron Marnstein said he does not let tardiness slip by in his classes because tardiness takes away from other students in the class and disrupts the teacher who is trying to get class started.
According to Marnstein, if students walk into the gym 30 seconds after the bell rings, they are on time, but if they walk in 35 seconds after, he marks them tardy.
In order to make the process of giving out detentions easier for teachers, a new tardy policy has been implemented for the second semester.
Starting next semester, when a student is tardy, a teacher can enter it into the system, in their attendance list, and then the attendance office will track it and generate detention notices for the student.
Teachers used to have to fill out a tardy slip, call parents and schedule detentions, but now the attendance office is in charge of giving out detentions based on the students’ tardiness records.
“It is less paperwork on my end, and it allows teachers to focus on other things that involve my classroom,” Marnstein said.  “And it allows the attendance office to track students with tardies, I am still going to have to talk to students, and call home, work on things within my own classroom.
“It alleviates some of the steps that i have to deal with.”