Student Council sells valentine Carnations

By Jenny Johnson
Staff Writer

“Student Council is trying something new this year with flowers on Valentine’s Day. They are fun and everyone seems to be liking the idea.” senior Carolyn Fujora said.

Every year Student Council has sold something around Valentine’s Day to raise money that gives back to the school. This money goes toward events later in the year such as, the photo-booth during winter week.
In the past years they sold Crush pops meaning “I am crushing on you.” As the rules have changed they had to change the clever idea. Last year Student Council sold cookies, but that had to change because of the new allergies issue.
This year Student Council has decided to sell Carnations and color code them. Pink is “be mine,” white is “wink,” and blue is “friends forever.”

“Students are really getting into the Valentine’s Day spirit, plus it’s only a dollar and is really fun.” Fujora said, “We will most likely be doing this next year since the [spirit] is doing so well.”
In order to give out the Carnations, first, second, and possibly third hour teachers will be handing out purple, hearted paper to the people that have received a flower.
Durning all lunch hours, students can bring their purple paper, where Student Council members will give students their flower or flowers.
“Teachers are very busy during the day and some even forget to hand the slips out,” advisor Linda Scolaro said. “This has happened in the past and the best we can do is have the students pickup the flowers through me.”
“If this stuff happens, it happens. This is our first year of changing it to flowers and believe it will go well,” Scolaro said.