Symphony orchestra tours region

By Andrew Revord
News Editor
Prospect’s symphony orchestra has been all over in their annual tours, visiting places like London, Indianapolis and Peoria in previous years.  This year, the orchestra’s tour, which began on Friday Feb. 25 and concluded Feb. 28, included visits to Lincoln Middle School, St. Louis, and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
This year’s tour was a “special opportunity for the orchestra,” according to orchestra director Patrick O’Connor.  Usually, the tour is shorter and the performances aren’t so far away.
The orchestra began with a performance at Lincoln Middle School on Feb. 25.  They left to perform in St. Louis the next day.
In St. Louis, the orchestra got a chance to go to the 170 year old Powell Hall in St. Louis. There, they heard the Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra and then spent four hours recording their own performance
On Feb. 27, the orchestra performed at the Foellinger Center at U. of I.
This year’s tour was unusual because it was longer than the typical tour and because the orchestra was invited to St. Louis.
Regardless of the tour’s length, O’Connor thinks they always enjoy themselves but noticed the difference this year because of the fun locations they played at and their performance for the Lord Mayor of London at Prospect, the last performance of the tour.
“The tours are always a great time for us to go out into the community and show everyone what we’ve been working on and for the kids to show their talent,” O’Connor said.