The yoga pants epidemic

By Maddy Moloney
Staff Writer
You don’t have to drag me to “lazy people anonymous” to get me to admit I have a problem. I’m the girl who is too lazy to get up and change the channel when she cannot find the remote, so instead, I sit through three “Full House” episodes that I’ve already seen rather than getting off my butt and manually changing the channel.
Yet, one of the few tasks I work up energy for is dressing for school. I like getting dressed in the morning; some days, what gets me out of bed is knowing I have a new Forever 21 shirt to pair with my new American Eagle skinny jeans. If I’m going to have to spend nearly eight hours at school, I might as well do it looking cute.
However, for some girls, instead of not finding the remote, they express their laziness via their clothes by wearing yoga pants. Every. Single. Day. This lack in style isn’t only affecting one or two girls — it’s turning into a school-wide epidemic. Girls are tossing aside their bubble skirts and sun dresses and picking up Victoria Secret “bling boot cut yoga pants” to replace their wardrobe.
Yoga pants were originally created for — you guessed it — yoga and dance. The comfy, skin-tight pants turned into a phenomenon when Victoria’s Secret started to sell them in its PINK line. It seems like the more wear the pants get, the worse their reputation becomes, thus making it hard for non-chronic yoga pants wearers to wear the pants without giving off the wrong promiscuous vibes.
Yoga pants not only give off a certain air of laziness, but also when wearing the tight booty-hugging pants every single day, it sends the message that one would want others to have a good look at their bum. The pants are made to hug every curve or lump from the waist down to the knee and often highlight one’s “assets,” which is why yoga pants have become universally popular for not only girls but also hormonal teenage boys.
The appeal for teenage boys is like that of Sonny the cuckoo bird to cocoa puffs — both are “cuckoo for coco puffs.”
“I absolutely love them; they make the booty pop,” said sophomore Eric Friedrichs, who rates yoga pants a 9.5 out of 10 of women’s clothes.
Yoga pants themselves are not the problem. The problem is that yoga pants have been slapped with the reputation of attention-seeking or carelessness because certain culprits obsessively wear them. The reputation has been brought down therefore ruining the respectability of yoga pants for the sane wearers.
I’m not saying girls need to disown their yoga pants, but they could simply expand their wardrobe variety to more than the colors and patterns of the fold over waist. The soft fabric and comfy stretchy material earns an A plus in my book, which is why I have invested in a pair with a green cheetah print fold over waist.
As the old saying goes, “everything is good in moderation.” Don’t ditch the spandex all together, but I would suggest just limiting yourself to once-a-week-wears and finding new creative ways to express laziness. Unless that’s too much work, in which case, just misplace the remote.