A trip to Disney

Mixed Compay peforms in Orlando, Fla. Both show choirs traveled to Walt Disney World over spring vacation to perform.
Mixed Compay peforms in Orlando, Fla. Both show choirs traveled to Walt Disney World over spring vacation to perform.

By Tess Bauer

Staff Writer

Junior Marie Kaniecki spent the first part of her spring break singing with Company. However, she wasn’t in an auditorium — she was out in the hot sun in the biggest theme park in North America, Walt Disney World.

From March 18-23 the show choirs were basking in the warm Florida sun in Walt Disney World. The Honors Choir, Company, and Mixed Company performed on stage in Downtown Disney. Company and mixed Company performed back-to-back one day and one night Honors Choir performed.

“That performance and that trip is kind of a culmination of everything that happened throughout the whole year,” said music teacher and choir director Jennifer Troiano.

All the competitions the show choirs had and all the practice they put in lead up to this final performance in Disney. When they return, they will start new songs and dances.

The trip wasn’t only focused on the music though. The show choirs went to every park in Disney saw the Broadway version of “Finding Nemo,” the Fantasmic fireworks and water show and the laser light show at Epcot as a group.

One evening the show choirs dressed up and went to Downtown Disney to have dinner at Planet Hollywood and then see Cirque du Soleil. Troiano thought it was amazing and Junior Marie Kaniecki echoed that.

“We were all screaming and clapping, and we could not believe the level of performance that was there,” said Troiano.

The final day there was spent cooling off at the waterpark as a group. Kaniecki felt that it was the most relaxing day because there wasn’t as much walking than when they went to the theme parks. Kaniecki even got to swim with the sharks, twice.

Along with spending time with the show choirs, Kaniecki spent time with the rest of her family, her mom, dad, sister and her sister’s friend, as well. The Kaniecki’s came as their spring vacation trip to watch the performances and go to the parks. They didn’t meet up as much as she would have liked. Her father’s birthday took place while in Florida, and although she talked to him, she didn’t get to spend any time with him during the day.

“Whenever we saw them at the parks it wasn’t like we stayed with them; we went off and did our own thing,” said freshman Carrie Kaniecki, Marie Kaniecki’s younger sister.

Carrie Kaniecki liked that while on vacation she was able to watch Marie Kaniecki perform and thought it created a unique experience.

Troiano attributed some of the uniqueness to how tiring the trip was with late nights, a lot of singing, and walking all over Disney, but overall she said everyone had a good time.

“I compare this trip to being on a camping trip; it’s not for the weak-hearted,” Troiano said. “It’s hard to get up and go to the parks everyday and then perform. It’s work. You need a vacation from that vacation when you’re done.”