FCCLA has 'good day'

By Alyssa Zediker
Executive Sports Writer
On Saturday, April 9, in Springfield Illinois, all theFamily, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) state competitors filed into bleachers and chairs to learn a dance from comedian Eddie Slowikowski. The dance moves were basic hand motions and rotating in a circle as a result of the lack of space courtesy of the bleachers.
Everyone still had fun according to junior Rhina Alexanderou. She said even the advisors did the choreography to I Gotta Feelin’ including foods teacher Amy Collins.
The FCCLA members competed on Friday morning, then on Saturday the state competitors received their scores and medals.  The members of Prospect’s FCCLA had what the Black Eyed Peas would call a “goodnight,” or rather in their case a good day.

Junior Jackie Gervais and seniors Jessie Bolash, Lisa Conrad, Alex Osvath all qualified for the National FCCLA competition in California after receiving near perfect scores on their projects. 
At the state level the FCCLA members present a wide variety of projects, from clothing lines to business commercials, to professionals in their project’s field. Conrad made her own fashion line, but she also learned about the business aspects, like budgeting material purchases.
Professionals judge the projects and give them a score out of 100. The four, who are qualified for nationals, received over 99.
On top of that Junior Lauren Decant also earned the position of state officer for FCCLA which means she helps run the state event next year. Decant is only the second person from the Chicago land area to sit on the state board.
“[Having professionals at State] gives the students something to look forward to and maybe even start some connections,” said Collins.
Connections helps members of FCCLA get jobs in their field of interest because they meet professionals in the field, who have gone through the process of getting a job already.
In addition to making connections, FCCLA provides an opportunity for scholarships. Bolash and Conrad, who qualified for nationals, were offered scholarships to The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in California for the summer camp program.
“At first I was really excited,” said Conrad, “And when I got back to my advisors and they were screaming about how I ended up getting a scholarship. Then I was really taken back.”
Though before Conrad goes to the summer camp she has to “tweek” her project based on the critiques given at the State competition.
After only a year in FCCLA, Conrad is glad she joined because she wants to continue fashion design in the future. While FCCLA helped Conrad find a career path, it also helped her make friendships with her fellow teammates.
“I love the club, it is a huge family, and I have been in a couple different clubs, there are more friends [in FCCLA].” said Conrad.