Haley comes home

By Miranda Holloway


Executive Online Editor
On May 14 Mount Prospect residents had a flashback. They remembered the warm May day where former resident and American Idol season nine winner Lee Dewyze came home for his hometown visit. He paraded down Central road and held a free concert at Arlington Park Race Track.
When they woke up from this flashback however, it was not them who had a new sweetheart. It was neighboring Wheeling who could now boast about having a resident become an ‘Idol’ finalist.
’09 Wheeling High School graduate Haley Reinhart made it to the top three on ‘Idol’s’ season ten which brought her home to Wheeling.
Reinhart did not have the time to enjoy all of the comforts of home however, she had a packed schedule doing promotional events and filming material to be shown on ‘Idol’.
Her day started her day in front of 200 fans at a Deer Park AT&T store. According to the Daily Herald, she teared up
at the store seeing all of her supporters, which was just a preview of the emotional day that faced her.
After making a few sentimental stops at old work places and favorite restaurants she then made a stop at her alma mater to promote Ford’s “Drive One 4UR School” fundraiser. The program allowed people to test drive a Ford for a $20 dollar donation to the school’s music program.
The fundraiser ultimately raised $10,000 for the music department. During her appearance Reinhart made speech to her hometown supporters and to current Wheeling students.
“For me, it started here. I hope this inspires you to do whatever you want to do in life,” Reinhart said to the crowd according to the Daily Herald.
For her parade Reinhart was not blessed with the same sunny and warm weather as Dewyze. This didn’t stop fans from standing
out in the cold rain and wind to see her drive up in a open red convertible and listen to hear her thank them for all of of their support since the beginning of the season. Because of the rainy weather Reinhart did not expect the thousands of fans that braved the element to see her.
“This is nuts in the best kind of way,” Reinhart said over the voices of screaming fans.
The nutty weather didn’t stop approximately 30,000 fans from crowding the Arlington Park Race Track to hear the free concert by Reinhart.
This was the first concert that was fully her own, so she was glad that her supporters gave her the chance to have the stage on her own.
“I’m almost at a loss for words,” she told thecrowd. “Except that I need to tell you all how much I appreciate you.”
Unfortunately Reinhart’s loyal band of followers could not save her from being eliminated before the final round of the
show, but she has no plans of slowing down or fading into obscurity.
“This ain’t the end of this shindig. See ya later,” Reihart said at the end of the show.