Fox makes regrettable decision

fox_tvBy Khrystyna Halatyma
Features Editor
I just found out that the FOX network has announced which shows they will be cutting. They’re done. Forever. Never to return. The five victims include: The Chicago Code, Traffic Light, Lie to Me, Human Target, and Breaking In. Out of the five shows being cut, I am subscribed to four on hulu. The only show I am not highly familiar with is Traffic Light, but apart from that, the shows being cut are amazing. They all have great casts, with characters which challenge each other, and unpredictable plots which keep my head spinning long after the ending credits are done. I couldn’t wait to get home from school, throw my geometry book on the floor and watch the new  dramas unfold. Unfortunately, because of Fox’s horrible decisions, now I have to find new entertaining shows because, let’s face it, there’s no way I’ll be doing geometry. No matter what I will find (if anything) nothing will be able to replace these four.
The-Chicago-Code-Poster_02 The Chicago Code is all about a first female police superintendent, Teressa Colvin (Jennifer Beals), trying to remove corruption from Chicago. With Alderman Ronin Gibbons (Delroy Lindo), a corrupt official working with the Irish Mob, Colvin has more problems then the Chicago South side. Two of the main characters Jarek Wysocki (Jason Clarke) and Caleb Ever (Matt Lauria)add to the show simply by being so attractive. There are a fair share of pretty boys in Hollywood, and these are in my top ten. Apart from the memorizing cast and interesting storyline, this show thrives on action. With an unpredictable plot line and delicious cast, this show kept local audiences focused on their own, slightly Hollywood styled, backyard here.
Human Target:
Human Target is more amazing than anything I have ever expected in a show. It has all the danger of a  Not to mention the cast is perfect, the characters have dark pasts, admirable hacking, lock picking skills and they challenge one another each step of the way. Christopher Chance (Mark Valley) as the main character playing a spicy, ex-assassin, who decided to become a security specialist/private contractor. He’s strong headed and doesn’t let anyone or anything stand in his way. My favorite; Guerrero (Jack Earle Haley) is also an ex-assassin who went rogue with Chance, and is the funniest, deadliest, smartest, most vicious guy on the team. He’s a computer hacker with underground contacts that help out the team. Watching this show I always remember when I was a little kid watching cartoons and for some reason wanted the bad guy to win, at least once. Chances’ team isn’t on the ‘good’ side (they have gone against the CIA) but it isn’t necessarily on the ‘bad’ side either, it’s in a beautiful grey area. It’s as if I’m watching the episodes from the bad guys point of view (makes sense since most of the team is either ex-bad guy or still meddled in the not exactly legal portion of business) but they’re not bad. The combination on daringly bad yet leaning towards the moral part of the scale is truly amazing. If you dare watch this dangerous combination of fun, check it out here.  human-target-poster-2

lie-to-me-season3-poster-550x814 Lie To Me:
This show is the meaning of entertaining. The main character, Dr. Cal Lightman (Tim Roth) is a psychologist and an expert in body language. More specifically, micro-expressions on the face that leads to Lightman being able to tell if a suspect if lying to him or the police (hence the title; Lie to Me). Admit it, how cool is it that one team can solve crimes without the high-tech stuff of CSI and or the mad scientists of Fringe, it’s all expressed in one word: impressive. Extremely. Once again, Lightman is yet another character that has the sarcasm of House and is very entertaining to watch. I’m so used to people of authority having to be nice and polite, Lightmans’ sarcasm and sneering is refreshing. Highly recommended, this show also got me interested in the study of body language and the subconscious mind.  Although it sounds as if all this is done in an office and particularly boring setting, not to fear, it has a good share of action, drama, and mystery too. To see Fox’s best example of having bad judgment on good shows, click here.

Breaking In:
The only sole purpose I started watching this show was because of Trevor Moore. I fell in love with Moore after watching Miss March with my friends about a million times. When I was browsing on hulu and saw that Moore was in the slide-show, curiosity got the best of the cat but this time, instead of killing the cat, it gave it a new obsession. Admittedly, it might have killed a few homework grades but in the end…every second was worth it. Since the first discovery, I have counted down the days until a new episode came out. Sadly, I am now left deprived of Trevor Moore and one of my favorite shows. When I found out it was canceled I didn’t know whether to call up FOX and give them a piece of my mind or start crying on the spot. Breaking In is about Contra Security, a business agency run by “Oz” Osbourne (Christian Slater) and a team he put together .     500_breaking_in

The company is hired by private contractors to test their security systems, so people hire them to break into their house/companies. Cameroon Price (Bret Harrison) is the main character who hacked his way into a full ride to Harvard. When Oz found out, he knew he had found himself the perfect hacker for his team and blackmailed Price to be a part of it. Then there’s Cassius “Cash” Sparks (Alphonso McAuley) who is the Star Wars fanboy, genius gadget guy, and the pranker of show (especially on the ‘new’ guy Price). With an amazing cast this show is a perfect combination of humor, action, drama and entertainment. To watch the masterpiece simply click here.
Off the Map:
Off the Map is a medical drama set in a very remote South American village (filmed in O’ahu, Hawaii).  With a team of seven doctors which are all completely different in an environment that is nothing close to the usual stark white grand hospitals of America, they are all shocked to find themselves in a clinic which lacks medication, sometimes proper equipment, and is full of patients that simply refuse to get treatment because they have somewhere else to be. Instead of a calming picture by the bedside, residents have a small medical clinic less than a mile away from the wild beautiful jungle. The show completely grabs my attention from beginning to end, the characters range from a typical guy plastic surgeon, Dr. Tommy Fuller (Zach Gilford) nicknamed “Plastics” who barely made his way past medical school to a strict, uptight, Dr. Mina Minard (Mamie Grummer) who has a pet chicken named Dinner. The cases these doctors get are beyond extreme, it’s amazing to see what medical wonders they can make in the middle of practically nowhere with limited supplies and the jungles for help. From water taxi accidents to an anaconda indecent to a zip-lining accident to, and using ants as substitutes for stitches, this show is truly amazing. Want to find out for yourself? Click here.